Exposure: I Like to Pretend I’m a Model

This is what made me really decide that I was going to learn Photoshop.

With creative thinking, you can really make a scene pop.

A bit about the staging:

An empty shower
A Maglight hanging from fishing wire held by a thumbtack into the ceiling
A tripod with a long exposure with your camera
Wardrobe found in the back of my closet

Put together with some awesome texture found on creative commons on flickr and you have a semi-professional looking scene that makes me look like a model.

If you are thinking about doing the 365 days project, don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box!


10 thoughts on “Exposure: I Like to Pretend I’m a Model”

  1. Lighting, clothing, and your expression makes me think of survival horror movie…like if this was a movie poster, I’d be in.

    and before you ask, NO, not everything makes me think of survival horror movies. You managed a macabre coloring with light representing hope that is the essential mix in to make the story good.

    The story of the movie…that you’re going to make…about this picture…


    *glances at watch*

    is it done yet!? 😉

    1. I totally feel you – mainly because it looks like the Left for Dead cover. Was that even a video game back in 09? Was I somehow influenced without realizing it?

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