365 days project

Week In Review – 365 Days Project: 90-96

Being back in Mexico has really gotten us thinking about where we would like to be within the next few years. Besides Berlin (which would be a temporary home), this is the only other place that we could realistically see ourselves.

So we have been soaking it in as much as possible. We spend every free moment at the beach. We have a beer in hand during sunsets. I had forgotten how much my brown skin makes me happy – and Shaun’s freckled body makes me smile.

More than anything, you can see how genuine our smiles are here. 🙂

365 Days Project
90/365 Ice cream before dinner? Of course! #365days #Mexico
365 Days Project
91/365 Went snorkeling at #Akumal today. The water got super clear and we gotta hang out with sea turtles. Couldn’t believe that we were out there for over 45 minutes! #365days #Mexico #RivieraMaya
365 Days Project
92/365 It is 2 for 1 margarita time ’round these parts. #Mexico #yum #delish #365days
365 Days Project
93/365 Rooftop sunset coffee cup beers in #Mexico? Of course! #365days
365 Days Project
94/365 Went through the craziest storm. Had some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard- and I come from Texas. That is saying A LOT. Had a blackout for a few hours. #365days #Mexico
365 Days Project
95/365 Look how excited we are to be in Playa del Carmen! Seriously though… This beach gives lakes a run for the money in regards to calmness. #365days
365 Days Project
96/365 Living 15 minutes away from the tourist street in Playa del Carmen has been awesome. What a great way to get in shape! #365days

6 thoughts on “Week In Review – 365 Days Project: 90-96”

  1. You two are seriously adorable. I absolutely love reading your stories and seeing your #365days project photos…..and of course, living vicariously through your travels when mine come to an end (and even when I’m abroad!) Looks like Mexico is definitely good to you!

    1. *blush* I’m glad someone is enjoying them! 😀

      I have been home for 5 days and I already miss Mexico. It is one of my fav places!

  2. I love this project – it’s so important to smile and it’s great that you’re capturing all your smiles in so many different places!

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