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Adventure Across Borders


One of the reasons I fell in love with Shaun was the fact that he was just as passionate about things he loves as I am. As we have grown older together, it has been nice to know that this hasn’t really changed much – except where our passion loyalties lie. That, and well, I think he’s hot.

For those of you who do not know, Shaun also has his own travel skateboarding site at (get it? Get it? har har skateboarding across borders!). He specializes in highlighting skate spots across the world along with covering surfing culture and snowboarding (more to come in the future).

And, since I’m stalling, let’s move on to the madness that is Shaun and I attempting to get an interview done. Incoming serious banter and tangents.

The following skate pictures are all from the Puerto Madero skatepark in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shaun has a small addiction to all things skateboarding.

Gotta trade one addiction for another. You should be glad I got out of human taxidermy before it was too late.

Do you feel old? Because lord knows I do trying to get out of bed the next morning on those nights I forget I’m not 18 anymore.

Nah, I still get the same amount of attention from the 14 year old girls hanging about.

/facepalm. Gross.


And THIS is a great segway… You started frothing at the mouth early on in our trip when it came to seeing skate spots and guys ripping it up. Did you think that you would be traveling around the world with one attached to your back?

At first, no. I left my board at home because I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt guilty having to buy another board (and a pair of skate shoes) when I had a perfectly good setup sitting in my garage back home. Christmas came early and I got my new board/shoes in Colombia.

You really cut into my booze fund there buddy.

Nah, I paid for the skateboard with funds I acquired with a software program that collected the fractions of cents leftover from all the transactions performed through our cafepress store.


Does it ever make you feel like a pack mule?

You mean with my 40+ lb. backpack that has a tripod on one side and a skateboard on the other, paired with a daypack loaded with 2 laptops and other assorted heavy objects?


Y U no have light travel accessories?!


So you ended up picking up a new skateboard in Bogota. How difficult did you think it was going to be to find a skateshop abroad?

I knew there’d be sporadic shops but after seeing how many kids were skating around most larger cities, I knew it wouldn’t be an issue.

Admit it. You started skating in Colombia to make the pretty ladies at least stop and stare a little bit.

Psh. They were already staring. Either due to my rugged good looks or because they thought I was Neil Patrick Harris as Wolverine.


What has been your favorite skate spot?

Aside from my local ‘House Park’ in Austin, Skatepark del Estadio in Medellin, Colombia is my favorite.

How will you handle being molested by stalker men looking for a gringo husband at the skate locations in the future? *cough*

It’s all about ground rules. And safewords.

If you guys get a chance, you can check out his skateboarding blog here. He also has a Twitter and a Facebook fan page. While the posts may seem a bit sparse right now, he has quite a bit of content to upload from our travels.

Damn you Diablo III for taking all of his bloggy time (…but that is a whole other blog post…)!







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9 thoughts on “Adventure Across Borders”

  1. Neil Patrick Harris as Wolverine? Hmm, yeah I kind of DO see the resemblance.

    Reading your banter makes me miss you more and reminds me of all those nights in our hot little apartment on Utila. And now with True Blood coming soon . . .

  2. I see the resemblance too! I LOVE Shaun’s hair in that photo, btw, and loving the action shots.

    I might have to start looking for a Gringo husband, too….beware, Erica. It sounds like I’d have to wrestle him away from Diablo 3, though. Not sure if I’m a match for it.

    1. Yeah, my hubby is hot stuff. And for some reason gay men LOVE HIM. I’m trying to have him tell the story of the guy who basically molested him but we’re not sure if it would offend people. 😛

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