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Discovering Anchorage Alaska


Oh Anchorage Alaska!

You are so cute, so quaint, and so incredibly cliche. Everything I ever imagined about Alaska you have decorating the sides of your street.


And while I would love to have money coming out my hoohah to afford nice furs, I was perfectly content starting into your windows, drooling. You even opened my mind with your forward thinking fur bikini.


Your random wooden sculptures grace my presence while walking down the sidewalks peeking into the windows, finding my newest treasure.


My find for the day?

A Sarah Palin “Going Rouge” coloring book.


No comment.

And while it sounds like I’m heckling the city, I really did enjoy it. Keep in mind you only need an hour or two to discover downtown.



Walk to the Captain Cook sculpture and overlook the beluga whale watching spot.

Check out the park for the free traditional music and dance performance.

If you’re in town on the weekend, make sure to visit the Farmer’s Market. You’ll find a plethora of finds. Salmon quesadillas, crab bisque, reindeer sausage hot dogs, cherries, apples, bread… and did you know that Alaska is known for the massive heads of cabbage they grow?









And after a “long day” of walking around we found ourselves at Moose Tooth pizza – a place that had been suggested by multiple people. While their pizza was okay, their beer was GREAT.

“I had no clue Alaska had such GREAT brews!”

“It gets so cold here during the winter we HAVE to have good beer. There is nothing else to do!” the bartender exclaimed while cracking a smile.


Yeah, I still don’t think I could live here. I don’t care how amazing your beer is.

But I may be back sooner than later for thirds on the apple beer or the raspberry wheat.

Have you been to Anchorage? What do you think are great highlights to pass on?

Disclosure: We were able to be in Anchorage due to our partnership with the Hilton Garden Inn, however all opinions are our own.

13 thoughts on “Discovering Anchorage Alaska”

  1. I grew up in Fairbanks but my Dad lives in Anchorage now. I hope you can get out of the city because that is not the best part of Alaska. If you can hop in a plane, ride the rails up to Denali, white water raft, fish, climb a glacier, visit Alyeska. Get out of town and see the sights.

    1. I wish we could have Christena but without a car it makes it super difficult to get around. We will come back – next time on our own terms… and when we have a little more money. 🙂

    1. And that is what makes it SO AMAZING. If we weren’t planning on backpacking through Europe right after, I would have considered buying the damn thing.

  2. Please please PLEASE tell me you bought multiple copies of that colouring book? I MUST HAVE ONE. Also, the food market sounds great. I want salmon everything. Washed down with beer.

    1. I didn’t! We were backpacking through Europe after Alaska and I just can’t justify the extra weight in my pack! I thought about it… long and hard.

  3. I’m sad I wasn’t able to explore Anchorage with the rest of you.

    But PLEASE tell me you bought that Sarah Palin coloring book?!?

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