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Food Truck Friday: Svante’s Stuffed Burgers

Svantes Burgers Austin food trucks

I have the unfortunate burden of being a complete burger snob. I have successfully steered clear of burgers from McDonalds in the past 15 years and recently, I’ve been on the search for the perfect burger. Burgers, tacos, and pizza make the trifecta of food perfection. During our foodie adventure through Austin food trucks we found ourselves at Svante’s Stuffed Burgers for Food Truck Friday. While they may not be the most perfect burger in the world, they are still a damn good burger.

I had a wee bit of an embarrassing moment while waiting for our burger when I shot out my shout out on social media letting Svante’s Stuffed Burgers know that I had finally made it after multiple tries and finding the truck closed. Little did I know that one of the owners, Danny, was standing near by. Squinting at our twitter photo and looking up, he finally held up his phone, “Is this you guys?”

Oh, crap. We’re caught!

Svantes Burgers Austin food trucks
Owner Danny and awesome Chef guy whose name I forgot to grab.

Chasing their dreams they brought down their delicious stuffed burger truck from New Jersey and found hungry mouths to feed in Austin, Texas – and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down. With a chef on staff and a full customized menu, these guys are serious. Not to mention, all the beef is grass fed and sourced from a Texas ranch about 4 hours away from Austin. That is seriously fresh – and now it makes all the sense in the world on why I have such high expectations for beef when living in Texas. What more can you ask for than Texas sourced beef and melted cheese inside your hamburger patty. I get shivers just thinking about it.

Svantes Burgers Austin-6Svantes Burgers Austin-7

This is what we ordered:

Space Jam Burger: Grass-fed Beef, Jalapeno Havarti Cheese, Bacon-Onion Jam, Arugula, Roasted Garlic Aioli
Jersey Breakfast Burger: Grass-fed Beef, American Cheese, Bacon, Farm Fresh Egg, Arugula
Hand Cut Fries

Svantes Burgers Austin food trucks

Svantes Burgers Austin food trucks

I put burgers in 3 categories: Fast food, “Dirty” burgers (which are grilled and less bougie), and Gourmet burgers. I think as a whole, Svante’s falls somewhere in the range of the “Dirty” and “Gourmet” depending on what you get.

I got the Space Jam Burger. I will really order anything that has the words BACON JAM on it. While I’m not normally a sweet on my savory kind of person, this bacon was the jam. Holy hell I could have slopped that all over myself and been in some kind of bacon onion jam nirvana. The cheese was nice too – although it does get a bit hard to eat when you take a bite and there is a long, stringy, cheese trail behind you. #firstworldproblems?

Shaun got the Jersey Breakfast Burger since he loves his breakfasts. His mantra? Anything is good with a fried egg on it. He ate his faster than I could stuff the bacon jam into my burger hole. The hand cut fries were some of the best I’ve had in a while, especially since they had been fried to perfection. Soggy fries makes for an incredibly pissed off Erica.

Svantes Burgers Austin food trucksSvantes Burgers Austin-3

Score: 4/5
Cost: $27.28
Ordered: 2 burgers, 1 order of fries, 2 waters
Favorite thing: Burgers
Least favorite thing: It is a bit on the pricey side but delicious.
Type of food: Burgers

The truck we visited could be found here:

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  1. That’s it guys! I’m compiling a list and intend to start catching up next week so that by Xmas I’ll be one truck behind you. Great find!

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