Babies Change Everything
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Coming Home for Baby C

Babies Change Everything

Babies change everything.

…even if they aren’t yours apparently.

No, I’m not pregnant. You can stop your frothing at the mouth people. I know quite a few of you are just waiting for an oops to happen. I’m looking at you, Talon. xoxo

Everyone kept asking why we were returning home after spending the money to make it over to Europe. One person.

Baby C.

Baby C was born while I was in Colombia last year. If you were following us at that time, you can see how technology is changing family dynamics. It is really something how Skype has changed long distance relationships.

I was supposed to be there. My sister wanted ME in that room with her as she delivered the family’s first baby and I couldn’t be there.

So you can imagine the furrowed brow of my family when they made me promise to be there for the celebration of her first year of life.

…and we were.

Babies Change EverythingDSC_9419.jpg

It was special. I can’t get enough of her cuddles and giggles. I can’t help but smile when I’m around. Even if I am giggling when she is throwing a serious wiggle worm tantrum all over the place.

We get to be the cool aunt and uncle that travels the world and brings her really cool gifts. We also get to hand her back in case of a dirty diaper.

I kinda like this arrangement.

I was honored that I was invited to capture her “cake smash” for her first. While I am a wedding/family photographer by trade, I still don’t expect to be there for those really important moments.



The hardest part is going to be saying goodbye. It is going to happen. We are already getting seriously itchy feet.

How do you say goodbye?



6 thoughts on “Coming Home for Baby C”

    1. Here is to hoping! I know that she LOVES her uncle Shaun – so much that she won’t eat unless it is from him when we’re at the table lol!

  1. She’s so cute! I love that pouting shot, she’s looks so annoyed but looks so adorable. I also have a nephew, he’s 2 and super cute. He sometimes talk like a 30 year old drank man haha! coz he’s got a very deep voice, yeah too deep for a baby.. and super intelligent. 🙂

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