Beer in Colombia
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Beacon of Beer Hope in Bogota

Beer in Colombia
I know I rarely discuss the downsides of travel but there is one thing that has been driving me bat shit crazy over the past 8 months on the road. Who knew that out of all the countries there would be good beer in Colombia?

Beer in ColombiaThere is NO GOOD BEER ON TAP anywhere else. None. Yes, I’m a beer snob. What do you expect from a girl that lives in a microbrewery haven? I get spoiled with my $2 pints of good beer.

Sure, you do stumble across a few good bottled ones (i.e. Salvavida in Honduras) but it just isn’t the same. Where are my pints?!

Like a beacon of light on a stormy night, there is was, in Bogota of all places – Bogota Beer Company. Walking in I felt immediately at home – a pub atmosphere, pint glasses, cushy seats. YES.

My mouth started salivating as I was going over their homebrew choices and my eyes bulged…


Yes, I did humble myself knowing this was probably the only draught beer I was going to get within 1000 miles and forked over the cash for a Honey Ale. Apparently I had been away from the world of pints for sometime as it looked HUGE. Did I really knock these back like nothing when I was back home? Good lord!

Tears came to my eyes as I lifted the glass to my mouth and took my first, small sip. The taste – too familiar. It was almost exactly like my favorite beer at home, Fireman’s Four. YES.

Beer in Colombia
Bokeh and pint glasses – I like beer that much.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

An oasis in the land of shit beer.

Bogota Beer Company-4

Bogota Beer Company-3

9 thoughts on “Beacon of Beer Hope in Bogota”

  1. That’s great you were able to satisfy your craving. I know what it is like to really want something of a certain standard and not be able to have it. I’ve felt that way about pizza in Korea – which quite frankly tastes like cardboard pie 😛

  2. Ahhh yes! We loved BBC beer – and there are a couple of other good microbrews around if you head up to the Zona Rosa in the more northern part of the city. John did a beer post on the Colombia beers a few months ago. The only place in SA where we found better beer was in Patagonia.

  3. $2 pints?! I’m not really a beer drinker but I like finding good microbrews. $2 sounds like the best deal I’ve ever heard of 🙂

    Glad you found a taste of home!

    1. @The Travel Fool: Seriously. You can have the worst day ever and as long as you get a good beer, everything seems to be okay. I was so happy to have found this place.

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