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Getting Our Brunch on at Epicerie: Austin, Texas

Epicerie Austin-5 Brunch in Austin

I wouldn’t exactly say that Shaun and I are brunch people. Actually, I can count how many times I’ve been to brunch in my life… TWICE. We found ourselves at the Epicerie in Austin, Texas on an early Sunday afternoon ready to add that extra notch on our belt. More than anything I was excited to experience another great Austin place with fresh produce, homemade breads, and locally sourced meats.

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Epicerie Austin-4 Brunch in Austin

What I expected was a slew of people in their walk of shame, hovering over their coffees while green in the face. What we got at the Epicerie was a sleek, French inspired marketplace full of life. I got the Eggs Benedict (my life has changed after discovering the wonders of poached eggs), and Shaun got the cured salmon. I’m seriously starting to second guess my choices because Shaun has consistently picked the winners whenever we try new places. The face that Shaun was making while devouring his salmon made me a little concerned that I was going to quickly be replaced.

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And while the meal was beautifully presented and delicious, it wasn’t the brunch that really drew us to this location. It was their cheese market. In the back of the store is a delightful selection of cheeses from around the world with a cheese connoisseur ready to assist you with tastes and pairings. Luckily we have a bit of cheese experience due to our travels in Europe (but somehow missed the epicerie concept while traveling!).

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The cheese was good but the connoisseur was even more amazing. She was a bit stumped when Shaun asked her to pick her favorite to share with us, and instead she smiled and asked us “How can you choose your favorite CHILD?!” While we placed the most delicious bit of gouda in our mouths (GREAT CHOICE), she ooohed and aaahed us with tales of the history of the dairy the gouda came from and how excited she was about heading to the upcoming Wisconsin Cheese Festival. This woman’s passion was cheese and she was contagious. I don’t think I’ve ever been so entranced about rind scoring in my life.

But there was one gem that we haven’t been able to stop talking about. We got to taste the secret stash of their newest product that I foresee flying off the shelves.



Epicerie Austin-16

Yes, beer jam. And it was delicious. Actually, I may say my favorite jam EVER. While I am no fan of IPAs (yes, troll me now) the Black IPA jam was my favorite of the two and I expect to buy that – paired with a great cheese – for the next party we’re invited to.

So if you happen to be in the neighborhood, make sure to poke your head in for a coffee, some cheese, and a taste of the delicious jam. Bring some extra money to bring a little something special home. You won’t regret it!

***As we have been focused on local Austin businesses, please feel free to contact me via the contact form if you have any questions about where to eat in Austin. I am more than happy to give recommendations!***

Epicerie Austin-13 Brunch in Austin
Happy Shaun.

Disclosure: We were guests of Epicerie but all opinions are our own.

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  1. I LOVE me some brunch! I admit: I’m an eggs benny fan, having been raised on the goodness of poached eggs (glad you found out how awesome they are too).

    Beer jam and a cheese shop? What more could you want in a brunch restaurant?

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