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Over the past few months I have been fascinated and inspired by various blogger’s lists of things to do before they’re 25, 30, etc. Nothing hit me quite as hard as DigiDrift’s post on Travel Legends – The Ultimate Bucket List: John Goddard. In the spirit of John Goddard (who is now one of my personal heroes), I’ve decided to put together Over Yonderlust’s Top 100 bucket list.

Osaka, Japan

1.) Go to Japan
2.) Eat sushi in Japan
3.) Go on the 88 temples of Shikoku Pilgrimmage
4.) Go to Barbados
5.) Go to London to see where my ancestors are from
6.) Go to Spain to see where my ancestors are from
7.) Go to Mexico to see where my ancestors are from
8.) Participate in La Tomatina
9.) Drink wine in a cafe on the streets of Paris
10.) Drive on the autobahn
11.) Go to Egypt
12.) Go to Machu Picchu
13.) Watch the sun rise on Mt. Sinai
14.) Learn how to scuba dive
15.) Learn how to surf (or attempt to)

Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada

16.) Learn how to snowboard (or attempt to)
17.) Learn how to speak Spanish fluently
18.) Take salsa classes in Colombia
19.) Feed my catamaran addiction again
20.) Go to Burning Man
21.) Celebrate Holi in India
22.) Participate in the Mongol Rally
23.) Go to Greece
24.) Go on an Antarctic cruise
25.) See a penguin in their natural habitat
26.) Explore Patagonia
27.) Go to Costa Rica
28.) Live in Thailand for a month
29.) Go skydiving
30.) Snorkel off the Great Barrier Reef
31.) See a Broadway show in New York
32.) See the Grand Canyon

New Years in Madrid, Spain at Puerta del Sol

33.) See the Gila Cliff Dwellings
34.) Get a tattoo on a trip
35.) See Van Gogh’s Starry Night
36.) Go to the Galapagos Islands
37.) See Angkor Wat
38.) Go to Iceland
39.) Go zorbing
40.) Attempt to sandboard
41.) Go deep sea fishing
42.) Go ziplining
43.) See an active volcano
44.) Go to the salt flats in Bolivia
45.) Go to Cuba
46.) Sit on a beach in Brazil
46.) Go on a safari
47.) Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park
48.) Ride on a chicken bus
49.) Visit 20 countries
50.) Go Couchsurfing
51.) Host a Couchsurfer

Photobooth fun in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan with our travel mate

52.) Eat a guinea pig in Ecuador
53.) Try beers from around the world
54.) Go to Amsterdam on my 30th birthday (Erica)
55.) Go hiking in Nepal
56.) See the Colesseum
57.) Say Ciao to someone in Italy
58.) Ride the Transsiberian
59.) Experience Stonehenge
60.) Ride a double decker bus in London
61.) Go on the London Eye
62.) Have tapas and wine in a bar in Spain
63.) Spend the night looking at the stars in the deserts of Egypt
64.) Ride the Shinkansen
65.) Visit Yoyogi Park on a Sunday
66.) Ride a bike through the French countryside
67.) Eat a cricket in [editing out Thailand] MEXICO
68.) See Shaun’s pale skin get color
69.) Bike down the world’s most dangerous highway in Bolivia
70.) See a geisha in Kyoto
71.) Karaoke in Tokyo
72.) See a concert in another country
73.) Cruise down the amazon
74.) Rent a scooter in Southeast Asia
75.) Drive a car on the “wrong” side of the road
76.) Be in a cage with Great Whites
77.) Participate in an amateur racing rally
78.) Reach base camp of Mt. Everest
79.) Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Stonehenge – it was REALLY FREAKING COLD

80.) Set foot on all continents
81.) Go to the Parthenon
82.) Celebrate Loi Krathong in Thailand
83.) Go to the Ghibli Museum
84.) Eat at the Carnegie Deli in New York
85.) Eat a hot dog in Chicago
86.) Rent an apartment abroad for an extended period of time
87.) Volunteer abroad
88.) Particpate in the WWOOFing program
89.) Go to a coffee shop in Amsterdam
90.) Experience an Oktoberfest
91.) Go to Carnaval
92.) Celebrate New Years abroad
93.) Go to Disneyland
94.) See a whale breaching
95.) Climb Mt. Kilimjaro
96.) Visit Easter Island
97.) Visit the Taj Mahal
98.) Go spelunking
99.) Visit Yellowstone National Park
100.) Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday in South Korea

30 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Love your list, I have lots of the same things on mine. Looks like we have a similar sense of adventure. I saw you made it to Burning Man, very cool. I’m just now starting to learn about the epicness of it, I’m thinking I may need to make a trip out west 🙂

    1. @Sonia: One of the things that keeps me facing my fears is knowing that so many people do it and are okay. While there are risks, they are super small!

  2. I love your list! I am a few months away from leaving the states and traveling. Right now South Korea is at the top of my list and partially because the major Buddhist influence. I was excited to read your #100, mind if I copy it to mine? 🙂

    1. @Heather: Thank you! We have seriously considered teaching in Korea – just for something different. Not only am I fascinated with the culture but Shaun wants to see the Star Craft subway decorations. :X Feel free to copy all you want!

  3. Just found your site through a mutual friend of ours, Nadine, and looking forward to following along. Great List and looks like y’all have maybe finished your year tour or just taking a breather back home?

    1. Well, I need to give Nadine a huge thanks! And thank you for joining along with us. Right now we are taking smaller trips around the States and saving a bit of money before heading out to Asia.

  4. I love reading other people’s bucket lists! I also love that on yours, it says “be in a cage with great whites”.. I hope it’s a big cage. 😉

  5. You stole my idea! lol I actually wrote a bucket list in Excel… and added dates… and in my mind I wrote a blog… so I totally did it first! awesome list though

    If you’re in KY and need a splenking buddy, I’m in!

    I would also suggest Whitaker Point in AR (see me here with the people that ruined my shot)

  6. Hey Erica and Shaun! You are both cool, and I love searching your blog and admiring your travels! I wish your bucket list would be embodied this year! I also welcome you to take part in my photoaggregation project Carde – just answer in comment, I am sure you will find the project worthy! Thanks, have ideal 2015 travels! Daria

  7. Hi Erica 🙂

    Great to “meet” you today. I wanted to follow up and tell you that I highly recommend amending #63 to the Jordanian desert, specifically Wadi Rum if given a chance. My Egypt trip included some days in Jordan where I saw Petra but also spent a day/night in the desert with Bedouins.

    What happens is you ride out in a jeep or something similar, and two huge tents are pitched in the middle of nowhere. One is for sleeping, the other is for a fire, food, music and general merriment. There’s no shower or proper WC but it’s only for 24 hours and I get the sense you’d enjoy the experience. I thought it was freakin’ awesome.

  8. Celebrate holi in India
    Visit the Taj Mahal

    Do let me know when you wanna make that happen. 🙂 I’ll make sure that you guys are gonna have one helluva trip!

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