Flipside Regional Burning Man Event
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Finding My Phoenix at Burning Flipside (A Regional Burning Man Event)

Flipside 2013 Burning Man

Imagine a community that accepts you wholly and completely. Or one that is a magical, whimsical world full of art and performance. Or maybe a place that you can find music 24 hours a day and people are begging you to come and join in on the fun. That place… is Flipside (our regional Burning Man event). It was almost a religious experience for me, and I’m not sure I could do it justice putting it into words.

Let’s just say that it nourished my soul and single-handedly made me jump back onto that Over Yonderlust horse after it was done. I had been inspired.

More than anything, it helped me let go of all the negativity that had been following us


Both literally and metaphorically, I watched the embers turn to ashes.

I was new.

Burning Flipside 2013-51 Burning Man

Burning Flipside 2013-55 Burning Man

Burning Flipside 2013-57

Burning Flipside 2013-65 Burning Man

Burning Flipside 2013-70 Burning Man

Burning Flipside 2013-72

Burning Flipside 2013-77

Burning Flipside 2013-78

Burning Flipside 2013-80

Burning Flipside 2013-82

Burning Flipside 2013-83

Burning Flipside 2013-86

Burning Flipside 2013-89

Burning Flipside 2013-92

Burning Flipside 2013-98

Burning Flipside 2013-101

19 thoughts on “Finding My Phoenix at Burning Flipside (A Regional Burning Man Event)”

  1. I went to the New Zealand version of burning man. I get what you mean about it being almost religious! Great photos as well I find it so hard to photo fire.

  2. God, your technical skills with a camera are beyond. I love the Burning Man ritual of burning away the negativity. For now, I will have to settle with purging my closet.

  3. STUNNING photos! I would love to go to something like that. Vegas had a burn once pre-Burning Man. But, it was only one thing they burned and so crowded you couldn’t see it!

  4. Wow! What a scene. Love the play by play action shots of the horned T-Rex going up in flames. So glad to hear the festival helped rejuvenate your soul.

    1. I think last year it was 4 1/2ish days and $90/person. Super cheap when you think about it. That gives you portapotties, puts money towards to effigy, and the general infrastructure for putting an event up like that. Ice is $2/bag and they run for 4-5 hours a day. 🙂

        1. We have no tried Rainbow Gatherings but I know a friend who swears by them. I think they may be a bit different with the demographic but have the same ideas. <3

          1. Try Rainbow someday and let us know how they were in comparison. We will go and see a Burning Man when there is one somewhere near.

            We linked your website from our website (the dock on the right side of the screen that visible in every page). Hope it will bring you readers.

            Happy travels!

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