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Burning Man 2015 – Home Edition

Damn it. I had held it together up until this point.

I looked at the calendar.


I think that is a new record or something. I made it 3 days in before my first tears of Burning Man FOMO rolled down my cheeks. And all due to my friend who had it in her heart to share a video of Tycho’s sunrise set (that we never made it to due to excessive partying the night before). I still get teary eyed when I listen to the album now. It reminds me of being on the playa.

But it wasn’t until I noticed a passing moment in the background of the video of a girl in a colorful bikini (My GOD lady isn’t it COLD?!), hugging on a friend in a furry jacket. It was then that I was warped back onto the playa. I could feel the cold nipping at my cheeks, the smell of the playa permeating everything, my body vibrating at the core due to the bass, and the soft touch of something fuzzy.

And I cried.

Luckily I can’t feel too bad this time around. Our core crew didn’t head out this year. But next year… NEXT year is going to be our year. A year with another project. A year with our own personal art car (I’ll be documenting how that goes).

Our friends are getting married under an arch we are making – and then we’re burning it to the ground.

But until then, I’m celebrating this week of life, of excess, of authenticity – from home. My computer screen is streaming the live stream of Burning Man:

And we’re adding a bit of costume spice to our workspace this week. Join us for the rest of the week as we will be bringing you the very best in remote workplace Burner costume time!

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