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Nothing like a bit of Border Patrol to start your RTW

My original plan for today's post was going to be summing up our preparation and last minute details of our current round the world trip (currently 20 hours in!). So you guys know that Shaun and I have issues with being harassed by American law enforcement. During our Burning Man road trip we were harassed… Continue reading Nothing like a bit of Border Patrol to start your RTW

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Our Cliche Packing List for South America

If you have made it this far, you are in for a treat. Now introducing: Over Yonderlust's Packing List with 100% more alpacas and lasers! This is what happens when you're 4 days out of your trip and are exhausted all to hell. I figured I thought I would make it interesting while you were… Continue reading Our Cliche Packing List for South America

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There I am, standing at the dock staring at the distant storm. It’s surreal. The wind will carry it away and open up the smooth sea, I reassure myself. Time slows to a crawl. I contemplate while it waits for my move. It’s not a stalemate, in fact, quite the opposite. The storm isn’t my… Continue reading Departure

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Finding Forgiveness in Hiroshima

It was July of 2008 and we walked up to our hostel in Hiroshima, Japan, sweaty, sticky, and tired. Why did we decide that coming to Japan during the summer was a good idea? Oh yeah, I guess it was the only opportunity we had to join our friend during his last month of summer… Continue reading Finding Forgiveness in Hiroshima


Over Yonderlust Turns 1!

♫ Happy blogiversary to us! Happy blogiversary to us!  ♫ It has been a year. Little did I know that what started as a hobby would consume my life. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to know you guys and to have you with us on our upcoming travels. A few things that have… Continue reading Over Yonderlust Turns 1!

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Travel and Tattoos

“Bzzt! Bzzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!” I came to know and love this sound at the impressionable age of 18. The sound of pain. I would even say that it was comforting on some sort of level. In college I had the opportunity to work as counter help for a local tattoo shop in Austin – much to… Continue reading Travel and Tattoos


Pets and Travel: Your Fuzzy Children

Saturday night I was driving home from an odd job of data entry when my phone rang. I had been expecting my mom to call me so I expected it to just be another call. You never really think about it when you start but how do you handle pets and travel? “Hello?” “Hey Erica,… Continue reading Pets and Travel: Your Fuzzy Children


Speaking Spanish

While I’ve had my fair share of rants these past few weeks I thought I would delve a little deeper into a more personal matter. I am writing out my fears on my blog to make them less scary. Pardon my French but I can say without a doubt that I am scared speaking Spanish… Continue reading Speaking Spanish


Travel Preparation

So I’ve been really trying to avoid doing one of these since I feel a bit scatterbrained about preparing for our upcoming trip. I figure some people would like to know how we’re getting along with our “planning”. Incoming travel preparation status of our upcoming trip: Shaun and I are still getting rid of the… Continue reading Travel Preparation


Frustrations and Planning

I was on Skype with the fantastic Nick LaBorde from Locationless the other day, and thank GOD he was a great ear that provides eye opening insights. I had to talk to someone and I almost feel bad that Nick had to be my venting pole. One of my issues, like many life changing things… Continue reading Frustrations and Planning


Not a Vacation

***Rant incoming I warn you!*** I don’t rant much on this blog but I cannot hold it back any longer. I have a bone to pick with the proverbial you. We are not going on vacation. Every time you talk about our vacation it belittles what we’re actually trying to accomplish on our trip. I… Continue reading Not a Vacation

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Get Inspired! Travel Music to get You Going!

I admit it. I’m going crazy. The only things keeping me moving along and getting the important things accomplished before our trip are postcards from abroad and music to keep me jamming. So here it is, the travel music that I blast on 11 when I need that uplifting moment to remind me why we… Continue reading Get Inspired! Travel Music to get You Going!

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Travel and Contraceptives

I am going to make a claim that may sound incredulous to many of you. Married people have sex. I know. I know. It is hard to believe. Some more than others but the fact remains the same. There is one thing on my brain for our oncoming trip - travel and contraceptives. Shaun and… Continue reading Travel and Contraceptives


Risks in the Game of Life

While doing my weekly “patrol” of blogs, I found myself absolutely inspired by Shannon of A Little Adrift’s most recent post, A Little Synchronicity…Plan, Who Needs Plan!?. This post made me reflect not only on my current situation, but on how Shaun and I are approaching our upcoming trip. There can be a massive payoff… Continue reading Risks in the Game of Life


Confronting Fears Abroad

As frightening as some of my crazy, vivid dreams can be, I am always grateful for the times where they inspire me to write. I woke up 3 ½ hours after falling asleep for this one. I have an ugly confession to make. While many people tell me how strong of a person I am,… Continue reading Confronting Fears Abroad