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Costa Rica on Instagram – Our #GiftOfHappiness

Costa Rica never ceases to amaze me. From lush rainforests to some of the most stunning coast lines I’ve ever laid my eyes on, this country is both rich in wildlife and beauty. We had spent time in Costa Rica before – living in Playas del Coco, checking out coffee in Monteverde, and falling in love with Howler Monkeys at the Jaguar Rescue Center. And even though we had spent 6 weeks in the country, I felt as though we had barely scratched the surface. This time around we finally got to visit some of our Costa Rica bucket list items that we were unable to last time. For those of you who were unable to follow our adventures with the #GiftOfHappiness, here are some of our highlights of Costa Rica on Instagram.

There is nothing quite like being welcomed to Costa Rica than a view like this. Green, lush, and gorgeous. What a change from cold temperatures in the States!

…or having this brave guy chomping on some leaves outside your window. Being that howler monkeys are Shaun’s favorite animal, you can imagine how awesome this was! Beware of flinging poo!

Tamarindo is known for some of the most stunning sunsets in the world. I’m glad I got to experience why.

I didn’t suck at surfing this time and was actually able to ride a couple of waves in (with my instructor giving me a little push). Shaun was awesome, as usual.

Even the iguanas took “Pura Vida” very seriously.

The Arenal area was absolutely stunning. While Shaun is more partial to mountains, I always prefer the beach. What is your favorite?

This view was awaiting us every morning. We even got to see the rare occurrence of the top of the volcano. One person staying at the hotel said that he had come up for the past 10 years and had never seen the elusive cone.

Most of the time we spend relaxing in either the jacuzzi or the hot springs.

These beaches around Manuel Antonio National Park are really what sells me on Costa Rica. The rugged, jungle-filled Pacific coast is one of my favorite places in the world. It is just so hard to believe that places like this exist.

…and views like these. As the sun was setting a whole bunch of surfers hit the waves. It couldn’t have been a more perfect moment.

Beware of these little guys. White-faced Monkeys are known to be some of the most troublesome guys around the national park. They will team up with the raccoons to lure you away from your backpack to steal your food!

Have you ever thought about staying at a coffee plantation? It was a unique experience, more to come soon!

A whole bunch of these guys were working like crazy even after the sun came down. Are you a fan of Leaf-cutter Ants? I think they are rad!

We had breakfast with a view overlooking San Jose on our last morning in Costa Rica. I couldn’t believe we were about to leave such a stunning place.

Our trip back into Latin America was like coming home. The air filled with bad 90s music and reggaeton brought a smile to my face as I filled my belly with gallo pinto (local rice and beans dish). I never realized how attached I had grown to this country and now I have even more memories to hold on to until the next time.

We have quite a few Costa Rica posts coming up over the next few weeks, make sure to keep checking in! Have you been to Costa Rica? What are your favorite parts?

Disclosure: We were sent to Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Tourism Board and the #GiftOfHappiness but all opinions are our own.

28 thoughts on “Costa Rica on Instagram – Our #GiftOfHappiness”

  1. Costa Rica like wonderful!! Once I’m back on that side of the world, I really need to make a visit.

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  2. Wow! The monkey in the tree is freaking me out – such a human face. Oh now I’m thinking invasion of the body snatchers with the dog, in the crowd, towards the end. OMG.
    Lovin’ all the other photos and seriously, should you need an assistant (or just a sherpa) for your next trip, lemme know… you guys have way too much fun for two.

    1. Yeah, I was creeped out by the white faced monkeys. They look a little too much like old men. If they ever allow a sherpa, I’ll keep you in mind?

  3. When traveling through Central America I only spent a few days in Costa Rica, basically just heading from Nicaragua to Panama but now I feel like I may need to go back as I surely missed out.

  4. I’ve been to Costa Rica a couple of times but never to these parts. Looks like I need to get back for an extended stay!

  5. These images are absolutely breathtaking! I am in awe of the way you have captured the volcano, perfect beaches, and wildlife! Perfect!

  6. I can’t wait to explore South America. Even if I plan to go to Colombia, Costa Rica looks also like a good place to be.

    I can imagine myself in this hammock with a cool drink, my laptop and a good idea for an article.

    1. Costa Rica will be a flight back to Central America but still worth the visit at some point. That is why we decided to do all of Central and South – couldn’t decide!

  7. Yep, we went to the Del Monte banana plantation and did a river cruise, but that’s all the quick stop allowed. My husband went to San Jose and Tortuguero 15 years ago just before we met and loved it.

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