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Why on earth would you ever go to DELAWARE during your tour of the northeast US?

Well kids, it wasn’t necessarily by choice. Due to our extreme travel schedule we had missed out on several important dates back home – mainly Shaun’s parents coming to visit. We had let too many years slip by since seeing them. For me, family is the most important thing in the world. It was getting unacceptable.

So we arrived in the second smallest state to a world to mattress stores, tax-free shopping, the Pumpkin Chunkin, and something I hadn’t ever seen on my own home turf before… Amish and Mennonites. It was like we stepped into another dimension – I was in a country I didn’t really know. Until I remembered explaining the United States to a friend who thought we were one homogenous being –

The States is kinda like the EU. We are our own separate entities, tied by a constitution. However, culture varies widely by state and section of the country. I’m from Texas – which is completely different from New York… which is completely different from California.

…which is completely different from Delaware, apparently.


Although, we did find a bit of common ground.


We stepped into a hot dog joint with Shaun’s dad. Americana right there my friends. I couldn’t help but get a weird creepy feeling that I know exactly what Shaun is going to look like when he turns 60. Those are some very serious genes.


We made our move to one of the other things to do in the area – the New Castle Farmer’s Market. Oh yes. That is right up my alley.


It boggled my mind. For a moment I thought I stepped into little Mexico. Esquites, aguas, dulces, Jarritos, paletas, and chiles where everywhere. I even caught myself starting to drool a bit.


I saw vegetables I have never seen before.


…and even got the chance to grab some bagels from a Mennonite bakery.


Have you been to a Mennonite bakery before? We went to one when we were in Xela, Guatemala and well – IT CHANGED MY WORLD.


So we loaded up. Fresh salsa, tortilla chips, spicy pickles, fresh cream cheese and bagels. This is what happens when I go into a farmers market. I try to stay far, far away most of the time.


WTF is Amish sausage?!

A week slipped by quickly playing catch up with the in-laws. As we arrived to the Philadelphia airport, everyone started to get a bit teary. We just didn’t know the next time all of us would be together again. A round of hugs and that awkward, torn goodbye and we made our way through the security checkpoint as they waved.

…so goes traveling. Ending one chapter and starting a new one.

7 thoughts on “Dela-WHERE?”

  1. The only time I have spent Delaware is driving from NYC to D.C. several times, during which we always noticed that Delaware smells really bad. Did you notice that??

  2. Cmpletely agree with the comment about the US being similar to the EU. In many ways it’s a similar story to China or India. In countries so big you are bound to find diversity.

  3. Completely agree with the comment about the US being similar to the EU. It is similar in that regard to China or India, which are equally diverse.

  4. This really makes me want to visit the States! We’re returning to Canada from our RTW in April and this is one of our goals. It seems you have a bunch of small town gems!

    1. This makes you want to go there?! lol

      I am interested in heading into Amish country to see what it is like but I wish I got to see more of what the other cities were like.

  5. I’ve only ever driven through Delaware, definitely didn’t know there were Amish living there. And yes, WTF is an Amish sausage?

    The US is *definitely* not one big homogenous entity! So many different cultures, values, accents, ways of living life. And in the case of the Amish and some others, different time periods, like being able to take a peek back in time.

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