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Dinghy-splorin’ the Rio Dulce

Exploring Rio Dulce-14

We glided across the glass-like water of the Rio Dulce in Mother Jones’ dinghy. The only sounds that could be heard was the occasional “putt putt” of the motor, the lone bird that would sing out in the mangroves, and the occasional clank of the empty beer cans on the floor.

“I hope there aren’t any crocodiles.” A devilish smile curled my lips as I stuck my hand in the brackish water.

L flinched a bit. “I hope so too!”

Exploring Rio Dulce-13

Today we were participating in what D and L loving referred to as “dinghy-splorin’” in which you hop into the inflatable boat, start ‘driving’ and hope for the best as you navigate the narrow waterways and shallow depths.

We had overheard some sailors talking about a lagoon in the area that could be found only by making your way through the maze of mangrove channels. We were determined.

Exploring Rio Dulce-8

The mangroves were beautiful, rugged, and untouched. I couldn’t help but be creeped out by the decaying houses that found themselves hidden in this near-unnavigable area.

Exploring Rio Dulce-10

Long vines fell from the trees into the water and spider webs decorated trees with their detailed and delicate designs.

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Exploring Rio Dulce-3

Crab traps lined the docks and shore. As we looked over the side of the boat, hundreds of pinchy-hands were waving at us from the crap traps like a Miss America pageant gone wrong. I licked my lips. “You’re going to taste delicious.”

Exploring Rio Dulce-4

Exploring Rio Dulce-5

Submerged tree stumps posed an interesting obstacle. “PULL UP THE MOTOR!” had to be screamed a few times as we playfully meandered through the fallen trees. Motors have been wrecked for less and we weren’t about to let that happen in the middle of our expedition.

Exploring Rio Dulce-11

We weren’t sure how much further we could make it before it got too dangerous for the boat, the motor, and us (besides the fact that I think I was starting to creep myself out at the thought of crocs in the area). But before we lost hope the mangroves parted and before us opened the hidden, lone lagoon.

Exploring Rio Dulce-2

Civilization was nowhere to be found and we had it all to ourselves. I can’t even explain how awesome of a feeling that is.

Exploring Rio Dulce-9

Mr. K (the dog) immediately started whining. He knew what places like this meant. The sun was intense and this sea pig wanted into the water! With a quick shove there was a massive splash and K swam around in a few circles only to immediately want to get back into the boat when none of us joined him.

Can you imagine what it looks like as two people grab onto a 75 pound pitbull by his lifejacket and haul him over the walls of a dinghy? K started floundering about as his solid body was dragged back into the boat, bringing what seemed like half of the lagoon with him.

Exploring Rio Dulce-17

We did a couple of victory dinghy donuts and slowly made our way back to the sailboat. The boat was full of smiles. There are no mangrove maps. We had managed to find the hidden lagoon that the local sailors had whispered about. It was like we were in on this secret club.

We knew where the secret lair was and the secret was safe with us.

18 thoughts on “Dinghy-splorin’ the Rio Dulce”

  1. Loooove this post!
    I’m feeling all excited with adventure:D
    So cool that you guys found this spot and Mr. K. just looks adorable in his life vest:-)

    1. Mr. K always looks adorable. It is horrible and makes me miss my puppy. I’m always weirded out about writing posts like these because they are hit or miss. Most of the time I write them anyway because I like to tell all my experiences. 😀 Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. And we love your writings for it:)
        Real experiences, that’s what we want!

    1. I’m actually really glad someone else was driving because we nearly smacked into a few submerged trees. I don’t want to be the one responsible for killing the motor. 😛 Have you dinghyed before? 😛

  2. Oh man when I was there it was rainy season and the bugs were so insane I could only stay one night. Looks like you guys had an amazing time.

    1. O.o I can only imagine. We were at the end of dry season so it hadn’t rained in MONTHS. There was only the occasional mosquito.

  3. It all looks so peaceful and beautiful, but I think I would have been worried about getting lost. And I guess it was probably only peaceful until the part where you were trying to haul the dog back into the boat 🙂

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