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Video: Dive Iceland – SCUBA in Silfra

Dive Iceland

Listed as one of the top 3 cold dives to experience in the world, Silfra took our breaths away (and not just from the 2C/36F water!). Not only do you have 500 feet of clarity due to the fact you are diving in glacial water but you also get the opportunity to scuba dive between the Eurasian and North American Tectonic plates. I just love that I can totally geek out over an extreme sport. The fact we got to dive Iceland really put another notch on our belt.

We got super lucky on our Silfra dive as it had been rainy and cloudy for the previous week. While it was no means considered warm, I was happy to get a little bit of sun.

While we just got our GoPro Hero 3 in the mail, I’m glad that we’ve been able to see the world with our original Hero. Sure it may be “old and outdated” but hot damn it captured some awesome footage. Silfra, while I was only able to make one dive, you were still one of my favorites. Make sure to add diving in Iceland onto your bucket list!

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    1. *happy dance* There were quite a few people in our group too! The suit was super warm but your face and cheeks were incredibly cold.

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