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What to Eat in Austin: Food Truck Friday

eat in Austin food truck

Welcome ladies and gents to a new weekly series called Austin Food Truck Friday! There seems to be a food theme ’round these parts. I figure, if I’m going out to eat it anyway, I should probably share where to eat in Austin. My hometown is rife with good eatin’.

The Austin Chronicle recently put out a “Food Truck Challenge” and without thinking, Shaun and I gladly accepted. That and its a great excuse to try new things around town. With our trusty calendar below, we will be marking off our experiences one by one, with a review of said trucks. There is a modern food renaissance happening in Austin. Young, hip chefs are creating gourmet food at an affordable price – all with the understanding that great food should be accessible to everyone.

Ever hear of Top Chef Paul Qui? Not only did he make Uchi a two week wait time affair, but brought his magic to food trucks via East Side Kings. Be prepared to wait during the weekends – his food trucks are hoppin’. That is the type of food I’m talkin’ about! (And I wonder why my taste buds are spoiled/ruined.) Going out to eat in Austin is an event.

I’m hoping I don’t gain a gazillion pounds trying to take this on – but in the end I’m doing it for YOU, fair reader! *cough* I swear. The only reason… *mumble mumble*

What would you like to see covered in these? Price? Location? Type? Star reviews?

eat in Austin food truck

16 thoughts on “What to Eat in Austin: Food Truck Friday”

  1. Hahaha. This looks awesome! And I love that you’re blaming us for having to eat so much. I felt the same about my recent time in New Zealand. Total chore having to participate in all those activities just so people could read about them 😉

    1. I’m sure people will come around eventually. It also helps that we have laws that allow for them. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

    1. I think the last I checked they said there were 1500 in the Austin area. I can’t imagine how many there are now. I will be having Food Truck Friday for the next 30 years!

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