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Episode 15 – Lanterns in Medellin, Colombia

After wandering the streets of Banos, Ecuador looking for a decent wifi connection, we finally bring you Episode 15 – one I’m so proud of and I’m stoked to show you. This one goes down in history as one of the most special nights on our travels and one I will hold dear to my heart forever. Our lanterns in Medellin experience is one that we continue to tell our friends and family even to this day.

Troy of FOGG Odyssey and I collaborated on this one, each providing our own content to each other to cover all angles. I am looking forward to projects like this in the future and keep your eyes peeled on his blog for his interpretation of the same thing. <3

28 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Lanterns in Medellin, Colombia”

  1. Sorry I had to take a peek at it! lol Great work and hopefully this week I will get my drives back and can start editing my own video. Th vote will be on then 😉

  2. Gorgeous video! But those big ones could be potentially dangerous no? hahaha some guy is driving down the road and suddenly is windshield is covered by a mini hot air balloon…. haha
    Is this something these guys do regularly or was this a one time thing?

    1. @Cailin: So we had to add a little disclaimer at the beginning of the post… it is very illegal in Medellin to do this. They used to have thousands until a few years ago when they couldn’t contain the fires anymore. But… people still do it. Like us.

    1. @Ayngelina: Thank you! I am so proud of this one. I wish we had more situations like these that I can film and edit. I also wish people cared about video lol!

  3. Tried to Tweet it, but something is down this morning… Loved this! The first part is like a dreamy opening sequence of an artsy movie. And I love the excitement when they take off!

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