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Episode 2 – Surfing in Mexico

I would first like to thank Wildmex for your awesome surfing school. If you guys are in Sayulita, Mexico, definitely hit these guys up if you’re looking for an adventure. They are super cool, very laid back, and knowledgeable to boot! We had an amazing time learning how to surf and I would personally like to thank my instructor, Greg, for being ever so patient with my lack of coordination and balance.

Surfing in Mexico is awesome and “easy” – check us out!

So here it is – I know a few of you have been waiting. 😀


Disclosure: We received 50% off our surf school courtesy of WildMex. I wouldn’t suggest them if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in their services!


23 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Surfing in Mexico”

  1. awesome! realized half way through i was yelling (cheering) from the couch for you guys ha ha! i’ve heard it’s really freakin hard! love the video- the waves crashing over the camera at the start, the camera mounted on shaun? cool shit. how are you protecting the camera? have an underwater case or something? is this the flip you’re using? love it.

    1. @ Lorna – Yeah, we did all that filming with our Flip in a waterproof case. For the scene where I caught the wave I was just holding it in my hand. Erica cut the part out where I was paddling cuz I’m sure it would have made everyone sick, lol.

    1. @ Kirk – If you are in shape or generally a strong swimmer who can do push-ups and have good balance, it’s not that bad. We are lacking on the ‘in shape’ part and don’t swim all that often, so it was very difficult for us to go at it for long periods of time. The hardest part is paddling fast enough to keep up with the wave.

  2. The first sequence with the wave coming on the camera is very cool (and so is the rest of the video!)! I think it was very brave to film your first tries on a board. I did way worse for my first time and probably wouldn’t have put it on my blog 😉 I need to try again though… Maybe I’ll film it as well.

    1. @ Alex – We wanted to give a realistic view of what learning to surf is like, plus laughing at your failures is the best way to do it. 😀

  3. Oh man I remember trying to learn how to surf in Hawaii. I failed epic-ly so instead used the board to layout for some sun while in the ocean. So incase you want to give up know you can layout on the board…lol!!!

    1. @ Jaime – Being able to sit out past where the waves start crashing is nice, although, it was kinda scary (but amazing) when the giant sea turtles were hanging out with us too. Erica would much rather just lay out on the shore since it can be pretty difficult just getting out there. 😛

    1. @ Harrison – Now that we’ve got the basics under our belt, I’m sure we’ll keep at it during our trip. 🙂

  4. I was watching this before shift, and ended up with several folks gathered around to see you guys surf. Good stuff.

    We miss you!

  5. Mexican wrestling and surfing in the same week! You guys are quickly becoming my role models. Good stuff! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  6. Kali recently had a 2-hour surf lesson in San Diego (his first!) and came back SO beat up and sore. I’ve never tried it before, but it looks so tiring! Fun to ride the waves like a pro, hard to paddle yourself back out through the waves over and over again. 😉

    1. @Christy: It is REALLY hard. Shaun had a much easier time doing it but as a chick – IT SUCKS. But I had fun. And honestly, I’ll probably do it again.

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