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Episode 3 – Volcanoes in Mexico – Cuexcomate

It only took my 2 weeks and 8 hours today (3 1/2 hours into the upload the power cut off in the neighborhood causing me to lose everything on You Tube 65% in) to upload the newest Episode. We are taking a different approach to this one a bit – most people asked for a little more narration in what we are doing so we took your words to heart and are trying to explain our locations a bit more.

After climbing Volcan Paricutin we were kinda sad that we didn’t take our camera with us to film how hard it was on us. Luckily there are multiple volcanoes in Mexico so this time we got some footage. Massive volcano trek AHOY!

So here we go – Volcan Cuexcomate!

17 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Volcanoes in Mexico – Cuexcomate”

  1. Haha I love the music in the background you make it so thrilling. I just googled the history of this volcano. Interesting and I didn’t new that there are so small volcanos existing…

  2. Looks like a climb that I could do! Wohooo!
    When I saw Shaun lacing up his shoes I was expecting a long hike and then… so funny! Definitely a “Earth pimple” 🙂 But still pretty and interesting.
    On a serious note, it would be much more beautiful if there wasn’t a parking around it…

  3. I seriously miss you guys! This has me laughing so hard. I was wondering how long shaun was willing to “run” up the volcano! 🙂

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