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Finding Dixie in Medellin – Music in Colombia

Dixie Music in Medellin

Somehow when I think of Medellin, Colombia, I don’t think of bands playing old timey, ragtime music that I find myself attracted to when I’m in Austin, Texas. In discovering Medellin, I quickly learned that nothing is what it seems. Music in Colombia took us by surprise.

Music in Colombia
Our friend Nicolas – awesome banjo player GO!

One of our friends graciously invited us to see his band, the Medellin Dixie Band, perform. I really didn’t want to get my hopes up. I had seen his talent shine on the guitar before – but seriously, Dixie? In Medellin? COLOMBIA?

My socks were officially blown off. In amazing renditions – my favorite being St. James’ Infirmary – were spot on. Mind you, I wish Cab Calloway was standing there in front of me crooning, but I think that is asking a bit much.

Seriously, why on earth are they playing DIXIE of all things in Colombia?! I wasn’t going to complain, neither was my foot tapping on the floor. I was officially taken back to the many burlesque performances I had attended back home and more than anything – they were rockin’.

This is what I think officially solidified my love for Medellin. There are surprises around every corner. This city is nothing like you think it is. A little rough around the edges, you find some of the most amazing people, art, and music around. What more do you need in life? I would love to spend a few months there of every year if we can ever find a way to be fully location independent – but until then, I’ll just enjoy some good ol’ Dixie music.

Music in Colombia

Music in Medellin

Live music in Medellin

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