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Food Truck Friday: Veracruz All Natural

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I’ll be honest here. I’m a picky bitch when it comes to salsa. I live in Texas, the heart of TexMex and fab salsa that will knock your socks off and burn a hole right through you if you eat too much. I have high expectations – and rightly so. But I admit, it has been a while since I’ve really been blown away at anything. That is, until we hit up Veracruz All Natural for our Food Truck Friday Challenge.

I have a conundrum when it comes to Mexican food. Not only am I Latina and I know how my abuelita sets the standard, but we have lived in Mexico for 4 months out of the past 2 years. I’m not talking TexMex (which gets its own genre), I’m talking straight up Mexican food. So you can imagine my surprise when I found them serving aguas frescas (fresh juice), something I hadn’t had since we left Playa del Carmen back in May. I’ve been fiending.

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What we ordered:

1 taco al pastor (pork marinated in adobo)
1 migas taco (egg, tortilla strips, tomato, onion, jalapeno)
1 fish taco
1 barbacoa taco (beef head meat)
1 order of chips and salsa
1 agua fresca de sandia (watermelon)
1 Mexican Coke (Shaun is addicted.)

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I always feel bad for companies that make “Best Of” lists. In this case, Rachel Ray (who I am not a big fan of but I will not express my annoyance with her at this time) had picked the best tacos in the nation (or many people claim best tacos in Austin), and somehow this place landed on the list. Do I agree? Hell no. Actually, I wouldn’t really go there for the tacos. The al pastor wasn’t remotely like the savory rotisserie style found on the streets of Mexico. Migas are a TexMex classic but hardly anything to write home about here. The barbacoa taco was a bit on the greasy side leaving the fish taco as the “best” of the 4. Not fried, the fish was delicious and simple. The watermelon juice really overshadowed all of the tacos with the fresh, not-too-sweet, refreshing nectar.

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If you do find yourself there, go there for the salsa ALONE. I am never a fan of roasted salsas and I don’t think I’ve ever really found one that I’ve liked… until now. This roasted green was SPICY, had the perfect amount of lime, and my GOD fresh chunks of avocado found throughout. I may even have the balls to say… THIS IS THE BEST GREEN SALSA IN AUSTIN. The foursquare comments were right, it is life changing.

But I will admit that I’m probably a bit too hard on these guys. They get raving reviews from everyone who heads there. Unfortunately as someone who knows what an authentic street taco is like, I was kinda meh about the whole thing.

But again, I implore you to get the salsa. Please. You will be doing yourself a HUGE FAVOR.

Score: 2.5/5 (The salsa made it the 2.5)
Cost: $29 because we ordered just about everything.
Ordered: 4 tacos, 1 juice, 1 Mexican Coke, 1 order chips and salsa
Favorite thing: Salsa!!!!!
Least favorite thing: Just about everything else.
Type of food: Mexican

The truck we visited could be found here:

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