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Food Truck Friday: Three Little Pigs

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Texas may be known for beef, but that doesn’t mean pork has to take a back seat ’round these parts. That is why this week’s installment of Food Truck Friday has us (us, in this case, being Shaun and the roommates as Erica is still out of town) visiting the pork haven known as Three Little Pigs.

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The labor of love of Raymond Tatum, a chef who has been an integral part of Austin’s culinary scene for decades, this food truck specializes in pork but also shows off the diversity of his repertoire as well.

Located just off of East 11th on Rosewood Ave, this simple white truck has its own custom flair provided by customers who turned the trailer into their own giant whiteboard. Littered with pictures and messages, the graffiti emphasizes the relationship between the Raymond’s satisfied and loyal patrons and the delicious food he offers.

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The initial decision on what to order was a difficult one. As you can see from the above picture, everything sounded amazing. But in the end we opted for the Cracklin’ Meatloaf and Pork Belly Slider.

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Does wrapping everything in bacon always make it better? I have yet to see that not be the case and this meatloaf was no exception. Though different from traditional loaves, the Cracklin’ meatloaf worked well and had delightful pork flavors throughout. Not wanting to be overshadowed too much by the main attraction, the collard greens also had pieces of bacon mixed in and was quite tasty as well.

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But the clear favorite was the Pork Belly Slider. Covered in a maple soy glaze and stacked with fried scallions and slices of green apple, this dish was wonderful. The flavors and textures worked in perfect conjuncture, making all of our taste buds sing. The cole slaw added a light, refreshing aspect to the plate and balanced it out nicely.


Aside from this truck being in a hip and lively part of town, another great part of the experience comes from the seating area. Beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere allow you to enjoy the food that much more. But that may not even be the best part. The building beside Three Little Pigs is East End Wines, a wine shop that carries an impressive selection wines that also encourage you to enjoy the wine at the picnic tables outside. This allows you to select the perfect wine to pair with your food.

Score: 4/5
Cost: $16
Ordered: Cracklin’ Meatloaf, Pork Belly Slider, and a Mexican Coke (I see a trend here…)
Favorite thing: The Pork Belly Slider
Least favorite thing: You might have to order a couple things if you’re really hungry
Type of food: Just about everything, mostly pork-related

You can check out their website here:

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