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Hometown Tourism: Gourdoughs Donuts NOM NOM NOM

“Are you guys famous? Should I know who you are?”

I looked quizzically at the guy in the Gourdoughs window.

“Your shirt!”

I look down. Oh crap it is laundry day. Apparently I was wearing my Over Yonderlust shirt out and mini cartoon Shaun and Erica was staring back at him.

I blushed.

“Yeah, I guess… in some.. uh… internet circles?” Shaun replied.

Good save.

All I wanted was my damn donut.

But I was willing to go through a bit of embarrassment for the gloriousness about to be served to us. Today we were getting Granny’s Pie. Fresh fried dough made to order with a whole bunch of amazing toppings. Last time I had peach cobbler topping with caramel and this time we were sporting bananas, pecans, and graham crackers with a cream cheese frosting.


Sure we doled out $4.50 for a donut but it was worth more than that in my opinion. To add to the “food trucks you must visit in Austin” we proudly add Gourdough’s Donuts.

Get it? Gourdough’s (Gourmet Dough/Gordo’s)?

HAR HAR. It makes me FAT. Just like how I gained a gazillion pounds back. I’m pleasantly plump at home and I think I’m okay with that. Wouldn’t you be with all the amazing food I’ve had the pleasure of placing into my belly?

*pokes belly*

But in all seriousness, you MUST visit this establishment when heading to Austin.

…I really should be getting paid or free crap for writing these reviews… Good lord.

18 thoughts on “Hometown Tourism: Gourdoughs Donuts NOM NOM NOM”

  1. Uhm, that’s not a donut. That’s a freaking MONSTER. I don’t know about the pecans, but graham crackers and cream cheese frosting should always go on top of donuts. Always.

  2. OMG! That looks phenomenal. I still haven’t made my way to Austin, but when I do, I want to go on a tour of food trucks. I’ve heard that Austin has some of the best in the country.

  3. WOW. I’ve never seen a donut like that before! I’m almost wishing I didn’t see this article now….with my still being in Austin and all, I might just have to go try it (and gain a gazillion pounds too!)

  4. I appreciate the sacrifices you and your belly are making in introducing us to sugar filled goodness. I think I added a few pounds just looking at the photo.

  5. Oh my god. $4.50 for a donut!!! That’s more than I spend in a day on food in Thailand. That being said, I would really, really like one. And would spend $10 to have that deliciousness at my desk right now.

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