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Pit Stop in Granada, Nicaragua

We arrived in Granada somewhat unprepared and very unexpectedly. After learning that four of our friends had been robbed a knife point in Managua, we made it a point to get out of there quite quickly. We flipped open our trusty guidebook and went with what looked decent.

Umm… yeah, sure. Granada sounds good.

Most of the reason we found ourselves in Nicaragua was because Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker wouldn’t shut up about how phenomenal this place was supposed to be (LOVE YOU JAIME!). So, even after the incident with our friends, we gave it the benefit of the doubt.

First off, I would like to say, Granada is really pretty. I have yet to be disappointed visually with any colonial town we have visited.

Secondly, I am not really a fan of colonial towns. They just don’t do it for me.

Remember our post on Antigua? Yeah, it kinda went like that. Good for a day to walk around. Food and booze are much more affordable here. I hear rumors of 2 for 1 mojitos for 25 cordobas (a bit more than a dollar?) on the main food strip.

However, we did get to meet up with some of our old friends from the backpacker trail and ended up drinking our night away while consoling one of the couples who was robbed and meeting a crazy Canadian guy named Ross who is circumnavigating the world via sailboat.

Not a total loss.

colorful buildings in granada

church in granadastatue in granada nicaragua

walkway in granada nicaragua

park in granada nicaragua

7 thoughts on “Pit Stop in Granada, Nicaragua”

  1. If it had not been for the Christmas tour of the islands–we got to be Santa Claus one Christmas–we probably would have thought Granada was just meh too. Where are you guys headed next? How far south are you planning to go?

    1. @Tran: I’m glad someone else thought it as well. I mean, I heard it was beautiful, and it did live up to that but there really is nothing else there for you. I would have LOVED to have played Santa Claus!

      Right now we’re in Costa Rica, heading to Panama, and hoping to eventually make it to Argentina. <3

  2. jaja I know I couldnt shut up about it & hell I still cant… Ahhh I loved NICARAGUA & am going back one day!!! Im still a bit bummed yall didnt spend more time there… I hope yall do go back and give it a chance & not let the horror stories keep ya from visiting. Love the pics… brought back so many memories… Oh & i agree Im not a huge colonial town person either but Granada is just awesome!

    1. @Jaime: I’m sure I can see you living in Nica for a long while. 😛 It just isn’t the country for us. We’re already thinking about how to live in Mexico.

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