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Food Truck Friday: Hey You Gonna Eat or What?

Hey You Gonna Eat That Or What Austin-2

“We’re kinda backed up right now and you have quite a few people in front of you. Are you okay with that?”

That statement alone is how you know you have stumbled across a badass food truck. A mid-afternoon on a Friday is just as busy as some of the more boutique brick-and-mortar restaurants found throughout Austin. But at Hey! You Gonna Eat or What?, there is almost always a wait – and for a damned good reason.

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Founders Eric and Liz came out of the left field with this fabulous food truck. Don’t be surprised when Eric himself comes out to the bright red painted picnic tables to personally deliver your sandwich and explain the intricacies and flavor profiles of what you are about to eat. He takes pride in his creations and I can always get behind a business where the chef talks about their food. These guys not only are consistently listed as the top food truck in Austin on Yelp, but recently also won $10,000 at Austin’s new eater’s choice Truck by Truckwest competition. They also got me the coveted Legendary Food Truck badge on Foursquare. 🙂

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This is what we ordered:
The Shiner Monte Cristo: Shiner Bock Beer battered Monte Cristo with Pit Smoked Ham and Mesquite Smoked Turkey, Cheddar and Provolone Cheese, and a Homemade Cherry and Fig Jelly. (For those who don’t know, Shiner beer is a local beer that is freaking AMAZING!)
Lonestar BLT: Not your mother’s BLT… Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Leaf Lettuce, and a Homemade Poblano Pepper Aioli on a Ciabatta Baguette.
Homemade Chips – All orders come with these beauties!

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Hey You Gonna Eat That Or What Austin-6

Shaun went for the Monte Cristo because his metabolism pisses me off and he never gets fat from anything he eats. I couldn’t help but be jealous as the smells of turkey, fried, and powdered sugar came floating my way. Crunchy, sweet, and savory, this sandwich is best when complemented by the cherry and fig jelly. This is a rather heavy sitting sandwich so unless you are starving, I would highly suggest sharing it with a friend.

Because my palate prefers a more savory sandwich, I’ll just about order anything with bacon and aioli. While this was very much a diet destroyer, I’m in the mindset that if you cheat, you might as well make it grandiose. I ate the whooooooooooole BLT. The crunch of my bread was met with my tastebuds tearing with joy over the poblano aioli and crunchier, thick bacon. This was a mean BLT.

Please note that on particularly busy days they will run out of their specialty sandwiches.

Score: 4.5 out of 5
Cost: $20
Ordered: Monte Cristo sandwich, BLT, and a Mexican Coke (of course)
Favorite thing: Each of our sammies
Least favorite thing: The stink eye of the people waiting for their food while you are chowing down.
Type of food: Sandwiches

Website: Hey! You Gonna Eat or What?

The truck we visited can be found here (next to the crepe place):

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  1. I saw some awesome food trucks in Austin when I was last there. I think Austin has one of the best food scenes, actually – one of my favorite cities for eating out 🙂

  2. The Shiner Monte Cristo looks deliciously amazing, but then it also looks like it should come with a free ECG! Amazing. thanks for sharing.

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