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Abra Los Ojos en Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

The water lapped deliciously at the ferry, it was hot on that summer day. We looked out the side of the boat longingly at the little kids jumping off the pier into the water.

As the sun beat down on us the boat finally lurched forward, the weight obviously leaning to the left. No worries, this is how everything runs in Central America. Why would Ometepe be any different? The wind came rushing through our hair, sending cool licks onto our sweat trickled skin. Small puffs of exhaust came out in little β€œtoots” from the boat.

Everything about this island is an experience. Every breeze, every warm ray of sunshine, everything is visceral.

We spent our time laying lazily in the hammock watching the storms come across the lake, overtaking the massive volcanoes- the heart and soul of what we were standing on.

On a clear moment we took our opportunity. Our hair blew back as the sun feverishly pecked at our skin during our dirt bike expedition across the island. A maddening maze of pot holes and cows kept silly smiles on our faces.

Motorcycle on Ometepe
It was a taste of freedom, of loving the moment.

Our sunburned legs dipped carefully into the springs of Ojo de Agua, a refreshingly cold mineral bath that rejuvenated our parched bodies. We washed it down with a cold Tona cerveza, perfectly hitting the spot. The trees sang to us in the breeze. For a moment, nothing else mattered.

Nicaragua, even though you’ve treated our loved ones badly, I know why people love you.

Ojo de Agua, Ometepe

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  1. Ahhh I have so many great memories of this island… especially spending a night on the beach drinking with friends and ending up being scandolous with a local man. Ahhh I sometimes think of him because he was so cute, nice, sweet & ahhh it was just such a good time. Sorry jaja your Nica post are making me miss it more. Im glad yall enjoyed it. Great pics again~

  2. Well guys you sure know how to paint a picture with words – and with the photos to boot! Sad to hear about you’re goods getting stolen. Don’t let it get you down, you’ve got a wealth of treasure on this site that no-one can deprive you of!

    1. @Will: Thank you! My writing has really come a long way. As for our stuff, it really does suck. Especially since it happened on Shaun’s birthday when we were having one of those amazing moments with a million amazing pictures. It was the prettiest day we had experienced in Coco. /sigh

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful post and amazing pictures. Kudos! I love that picture of you and Shaun, you two look very happy! πŸ™‚

  4. So amazing! Can we still order prints or is that not happening anymore? These shots are gorgeous as well as this blog entry….

  5. Gracious! How will you ever be able to leave and reenter the working world stateside? Life moves sooooo much faster! Hold on to every moment!

    1. @Ayngelina: If we had more time we would have stayed there longer. I don’t think my friend would have been happy if we didn’t show up to the airport to pick him up in Costa Rica.

    1. @D: Yeah… sadly I was much more tan when we were in Mexico, we just didn’t take that many pictures. That and Shaun made me get into the shade. He was freaked out by how dark I was getting. πŸ˜›

    1. @Candice: Isn’t it? I’m already in love with water and then to see how amazing it was in color, textures, everything – was fantastic.

    1. @Tawny: Thank you! I didn’t take too many on the island because we were enjoying ourselves a bit much but I’m so happy with the ones that did make it. And thanks! It is my favorite. I’ve had it for almost 10 years now. πŸ˜€

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