Knitted Nomads scale Volcan Paricutin

Currently on a bad connection here in Belize – tried for too many hours to count to try and upload what was supposed to be Episode 3 of our Over Yonder series but the best I could get it was to 25% without it stalling out. Instead, today you get a picture of our awesome mascots, the Knitted Nomads!

Here they take on Volcano Paricutin! (Think of it as a place marker until I can get a better connection!)

Volcano Paricutin

6 thoughts on “Knitted Nomads scale Volcan Paricutin”

    1. @Heather: You rock girlie – thank you so much for commenting on my poor, pathetic little picture. They rode up in style in our backpack. The hiking was all strenuous on our end. 😛

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