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La Paz, Bolivia in a Nutshell

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This definitely isn’t one of those posts that will tell you how La Paz changed my life, or how you must visit it, or how it was the bane of my existence. This is just one of those posts that gives you a few pointers on what to do if you happen to find yourself there and are looking for a few resources. If you’re looking for what to do in La Paz, Bolivia, here is a great comprehensive list.

We spent 2 weeks there. I’m not really sure what we did. Some of the time was spent working and then… well, was I roofied? Maybe it was all the AXN and HBO I found myself watching?

So yeah, our suggestions for the little I remember.

Viewpoint of La Paz
What to do in La Paz

Looking for a good viewpoint of La Paz? Most likely you are. The city itself is stunning in regards to this sprawling, urban wonderland. Check out Mirador Killi Killi.

What to do in La Paz

If you’re fit, try the hike up. La Paz is 14,000ft/3800m above sea level and if you’re looking for some exercise, this will definitely do it for you. Otherwise, you can be lazy like we are and get a taxi. If you are near the center of town, it should be in the neighborhood of 10Bs.

“Fast” Internet
Looking for Internet? If you’re lucky, Alexander Coffee may have their wifi up and working. They have REAL coffee made from an espresso machine. A bit on the expensive side, their internet can be slow but it works more than most hostels.

Coffee isn’t your thing? Go to the Subway/Burger King restaurant. Yes, you’re going to have to buy something but this internet was the fastest we found in town if you’re not wanting to go to an internet cafe. We spent more time here than I care to admit. Don’t expect to upload or download anything though. Bolivian internet has made me cry.

Need a internet cafe? The best place we found was “Game Over” on the main shopping street (leading up to the Market). Flat screen monitors and up to date webcams await you. They only charge 3Bs an hour and it is totally worth it. Word to the wise: It appears as though most internet cafe computers here are infected. Be careful with your USB stuff.

Shopping for Souvenirs
What to do in La Paz

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, check out the Witches Market in La Paz for sure.

We were tired of the same old crap to bring home to friends and this offers quite the unique gift. Potions, talismans, San Pedro (a hallucinogenic), and dried llama fetuses of all shapes, colors, and sizes await you.

What to do in La Paz

What to do in La Paz
And lastly, you do have to feed yourself at some point.

Check out Valentin and Laura’s Kiosk for cheap, yummy burgers. We literally ate there 9 or 10 times. We stopped counting. They can be found on the northeast corner of Sucre and Pichincha and open at 8pm to 1am. Keep in mind that they do run on Latin American TimE so I can’t guarantee they will be there. We showed up every night after 9p and it was fine.

What to do in La PazNot only are they really rad people but the burgers are the best I’ve had in months are a cheap as hell to boot. 4Bs gets you a normal burger. Add 3Bs and you get fries. That is a burger and fries for a little more than a dollar. You can’t beat that. AND we never got sick.

If you’re feeling particularly exciting, add an egg to the burger for 1Bs. It starts being worth it’s weight in gold.

If you’re feeling particularly gluttonous, ask for the MEGALOMO. Valentin will roll his eyes and expect to have a stomach ache after. It includes a patty, an egg with weenies, sauteed onions, lomo (thinly sliced beef), ketchup, mustard, mayo, and salsa. 10Bs without fries, 13Bs with. Yes, we finished it. Yes, Travis had a bad night after. I thought it was epic.

If you don’t want a burger, get the salchicarne papas. Or, french fries topped with weenies, lomo, salsa, mayo and ketchup.

I told you we ate there a million times.

What to do in La Paz

While we did have our fair share of adventures in La Paz, I think these are definitely worth the mention for the traveler looking for some comfort/ideas. While we never would suggest spending 2 weeks in La Paz, if you do, these are GREAT resources.

27 thoughts on “La Paz, Bolivia in a Nutshell”

  1. Beautiful pictures from the viewpoint.
    I must’ve saw you post at least a hundred times about the internet in Bolivia. lol They always brought back memories of that horror.

  2. I enjoyed your reference to the AXN television network. I ended up watching it for hours in my room in Puerto Vallarta last October while I was waiting out the hurricane. I didn’t realize it was available elsewhere in Latin America.

    The food looks awfully good, too.

  3. Glad you have included where to get a Fast Internet connection so we could upload our pictures easily if we get to visit there. Are those dried animal stuffs safe?

  4. I didn’t expected La Paz to be such a modern cities having so many skyscrapers! To be honest I know so little about Bolivia and I guess La Paz was a bit more rural!

  5. Bolivia is on Gerard’s bucket list for must visits. He only wants to go for the salt flats apparently. Lol. The Witch Market sounds like a great alternative for souvenirs though I think my family would freak out just a bit. I’d go for that burger though. Looks yum! 😉

  6. I didn’t make it to La Paz but I have to say I’m quite surprised at how large it was, I know it’s silly but I thought it would be a lot less developed.

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