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Louisville, Kentucky: I Like to Be Surprised

I seriously had an “OH WOW” moment when we crossed the river into Louisville. What a way to meet a city. Good job, guys. Good job. *slow clap*

You wouldn’t believe what would follow:

A badass modern art museum/swanky bar.
Farm to market restaurants.
Building texture beyond all imagination.


Not the usual descriptions for a place in Kentucky. I don’t even know anyone who has gone out of their way to visit. But after our mind changing experience in Omaha, I wasn’t about to jump on the “who the hell goes to Kentucky” train when making our way to Louisville.


I mean, how can you go wrong with a golden replica of the statue of David in the middle of downtown?  It is right down the street from the world’s largest BAT! …which happens to be down the street from the other world’s largest bat (animal sculpture)?!


As a kid I was a huge baseball fan. Back in the days of Nolan Ryan’s best, I wanted to consume anything baseball. The Slugger Museum was on my bucket list and finally being able to be there was one of those moments where you can just giggle like a 5 year old. You can also watch the bat making process through the window. Sure, we could have paid for the tour but I’m a cheapass that was satisfied from looking from afar. I had a Mr. Rogers moment. The cuts, the dipping, the dyes, and the finished bats were all within display.





Walking around town you just get this amazing sense of being in the South. Plantation houses, friendly people, old buildings lined the streets. Oh God – I just about had a photogasm with the brick buildings.




Again, our time there was too short. I needed at least a week.

How do people travel like this?! A few days is just not enough!











Pork Belly, Pulled pork with fried green tomatoes, and pork tenderloin.

This is part of the #WinosOnTheRoad trip series with Diana of D Travels ‘Round as we drive across country to start her new chapter in life.

15 thoughts on “Louisville, Kentucky: I Like to Be Surprised”

  1. I’ve been surprised by Kentucky too! When I was visiting Cincinnati, OH (yup Cincinnati) we rented a car and drove into Kentucky to visit a Shaker village. Kentucky is very beautiful and the Shaker village was worth the trip!

  2. I think I’m going to have to steal the phrase “photogasm”, now – and it looks like it’s fully appropriate with all those pics of beautiful brick buildings! And pulled pork. Mmmm, pork…

  3. About 2 years ago my parents told me they were moving from Michigan (where I’d spent my entire life) to move to Louisville. I was more in the “who the hell moves to Kentucky?” camp but was blown away when I first went to see them! It’s a lovely city with even better food. Proof on Main is one of my favorite places, and Mark’s Feed Store. Lovely photos!

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