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Love in Florence on the Bridge of Gold

Not the Bridge of Gold but the view FROM the bridge. <3

So what happens when you put two wedding photographers part of two couples (that are bloggers!) on the Bridge of Gold at 2am after a long night of wining and dining?

A photoshoot of course!

Bethany of Beers & Beans and I rocked it that night.

The Bridge of Gold, or Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, Italy is no stranger to couples romantically meandering at all hours of the night. This is one of the many popular places around the world to show your everlasting love… at the price of 1 padlock and courage to avoid a 50 euro fine if they catch you locking one of these babies up to the ancient bridge.

We scoped out the scene. In between a couple madly making out in a corner and 2 security guards chatting away out of view, we made our move.

Click. Click.

A sharpie and 2 locks later the boys threw the keys into the river.


Iā€™m apparently a sucker for romance (and it has gotten worse the older I get).

There is definitely no shortage of love in Florence.












THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BETH! Photogs rarely have good pics of themselves!

25 thoughts on “Love in Florence on the Bridge of Gold”

  1. Love all the photos! It’s curious how the name of that bridge is so much nicer in English than it is in Italian. We just call it “ponte vecchio” = “old bridge”. Not that romantic hehe:)
    Anyway… I have to add just one more comment: AWWW!

  2. Too cute!!! And GORGEOUS photos. I’d hate ya for making me feel more lonely if I didn’t love all 4 of you so much šŸ˜‰

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