Mexico: The Culmination of Everything Wonderful


There’s something special about Mexico that keeps bringing us back time and time again. It isn’t that we can get super cheap flights from Texas, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. It isn’t that 3 out of 4 of Erica’s grandparents were born there, or that they often think she’s a local.

It’s that Mexico is a culmination of everything wonderful in life.



We were fools. We assumed that all Latin food was as fantastic as Mexican food. We almost drowned in our tears as soon as we left Mexico. Spice all but dies at the border and boring, bland food reigns supreme. We went from loving every meal of ceviche and tacos and tortas and bacon-wrapped hotdogs from street vendors to begrudgingly eating to ensure survival. There were many times in Central America that I would have literally killed for al pastor.



When life gets really stressful, I do one of two things: I think about being under an umbrella with a bucket of ice-cold beer on a beach in the Yucatan or, if the situation is especially bad, I say ‘screw this’ and start searching for cancun holidays on the spot. Once you have a margarita in your hands and the melodic sound of the ocean filling your ears, life’s problems just don’t seem to matter anymore.



Whether it’s the landlord from our apartment rental offering to drive us to the airport at 5am or our couchsurfing host who spent his weekend playing tour guide around the region, Mexico has no shortage of friendly people. But even more impressive is the passion they have towards life. It’s infectious.



The Caribbean is synonymous with beauty but Mexico is more than just white-sand beaches and turquoise water. The delicate intricacies of Spanish architecture and the lively colors that brighten so many towns make an afternoon in the zocolo magical. With gorgeous jungles, mountains, and deserts as well, you’ll be impressed by whatever landscape you find yourself in.

With all of this, and so much more, what else could you possibly want?



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