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Myths of Scuba Diving

Since Erica and I became PADI certified, many people have asked us to confirm/deny rumors and myths that they’ve often heard about regarding scuba diving. Because of the sheer volume of these requests, I figured it would be best to answer all these questions at once in a post.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most common myths associated with scuba diving and the reality behind each one:

MYTH: Sharks will eat you.

  • Only if you’re weak. And bleeding. And they’re hungry. Not to mention, evolution gave us a natural shark repellent. They are called fists. If you are weak and bleeding and there is a hungry shark swimming at you, put up your dukes and start repelling.

shark repellent
MYTH: You will be crushed by the pressure of the water if you dive too deep.

  • This is not true. The human body is over 90% water, which can’t be compressed by more water. This is also the reason your mother told you not to run with sharp objects.

MYTH: You can ride on the backs of giant seahorses.

  • Sorry, but this isn’t possible. However, riding in their pouch is a different story.

MYTH: Carrying 2000 lbs of air on your back will break your legs.

  • 2000 lbs of anything is heavy. This is why Scuba divers put air in magical cylinders that were created by mermaid scientists.

MYTH: Sound travels 4x faster underwater.

  • Actually, this is absolutely true. Crabby and I verified it with speed metal.

MYTH: Puking underwater is not fun.

  • Puking underwater is an issue that has plagued divers since the invention of the Aqualung. Fish may love it when you hurl but blowing chunks into your regulator is not an enjoyable sensation. That is, until now…

MYTH: Nitrogen Narcosis is awesome.

  • Well, to be honest, we can’t say. Neither Erica or myself were lucky enough to be afflicted by the ‘raptures of the deep’ on any of our dives. However, we opted for the next best thing:

51 thoughts on “Myths of Scuba Diving”

  1. Did you do all the artwork yourself?

    I liked this, I’ve read other bloggers who have informed us about diving myths and I have to say while very informative I have seen much shorter (and longer) versions with varying information yours tops them all with the humor 🙂

      1. @ Shannon – Thanks! I did do all the artwork. I too have seen quite a few myths of scuba posts elsewhere and wanted to do something different. Glad you enjoyed the humor!

    1. @ Pete – I wouldn’t say that it’s common, per se, but it definitely happens quite a bit more than people realize. We only had one diver puke on any of our 13 dives. It is hilarious watching the fish swarm around and eat the vomit though. 😉

    1. @ Ali – Hahah, that’s what they look like!! >_< Erica was giving me shit when I was drawing it so that's why her head ended up on it instead of mine.

  2. I can C that diving is really reshaping “your worlds” …maybe? BTW, if you guys are planning on making it to Colombia. Check out TAGANGA! an amazing Fishermans village with a funky beach and what’s best, A GREAT DIVE SPOT!!!!! BUEN VIAJE GUYS…love the illustrations BTW!

    1. @ Mugs – We will totally be going to Colombia, and Taganga sounds like a badass place to visit. Thanks for the recommendation! 😀

  3. ALso to add to the shark mith, I’ve heard that sharks honestlly dont like the taste of Human flesh. After eating fish and sea animals in general all their lives, I can imagine its kind of like changing our diet to Pedigree chum dog food.

  4. LOL for the “shark repellent” tattoos 😀
    Honestly, even if I know that being eaten by a shark is very unlikely, that’s the main reason why I’ll never go diving – the idea of just seeing a shark around me scares the shhhh out of me!
    My father and brother are both PADI certified and all but I keep being the black sheep. Shame on me!
    Thumbs up for the drawings, I loved pic #2 😀

    1. @ Giulia – Oh, that’s a shame. I assume there is no way you’d want to come with us on Erica’s birthday dive with Bull Sharks then. 😉

        1. @Giulia: I think you would have the time of your life! It is so incredibly inspiring to see a whole new world in front of you – one that you had no clue existed and was in front of your face!

    1. @ Heather – I probably should have disclosed this in the post, but Crabby paid me $4 to be able to make another appearance on the blog. I just couldn’t say no once the cash was in my hand- although, the money did smell like lagoon.

    1. @ Nomadic Samuel – Well, if you’re going to die then being eaten by a shark while scuba diving is quite the way to go! (Though VERY unlikely, even with your luck!)

    1. @ C&C – What?!? You never wondered why people don’t ride around on the backs of seahorses or thought about how to make puking underwater more enjoyable? Hmm, maybe I’m just odd then. /shrug

  5. Bahahhaha…you guys are awesome. I am seriously freaked out about sharks! A dude in S. Africa was just badly bitten by a Great White. Then again, sharks had been sighted earlier and people were warned to stay away. This was hilarious 🙂

    1. @ Emily – A lot of people feel that same way, but it’s all relative. Way more people die from bee stings than shark attacks. You are much safer in the ocean than you are a botanical garden. 🙂

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