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New Restaurant: Pokeatery

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I realize that it has been some time since we have posted a restaurant review here at OverYonderlust, but with saving for a house (which I will post about in 2 weeks), and us being on keto (I lost 10lbs quickly), we’ve been a bit homebound while we figure out the budget thing. That and I’ve had to ban Doritos from the house because while Shaun’s awesome metabolism can handle it, (go and eat a [insert profanity here], Shaun) and I sure as hell can’t. But after a week of the flu, I had finally passed the contagious point and had to get out of our house – so we found ourselves at the Pokeatery from a friend’s recommendation.


First off, I had no fucking clue what the hell poke was. TLDR: Glorified sushi in a bowl with fixin’s. But that doesn’t mean that is bad – it just is.

I’m not sure you realize this but there is a distinct lack of Hawaiians in Austin, Texas. We’re rather landlocked. But there was something else on their menu that called to me – DOLE WHIP. If any of you have had this magical concoction of bliss (which is normally found at Disneyland), you know that my ass had to make it up there immediately. And I’ll be honest, being on the flu had me out of keto, so this was a last hurrah before I make our bacon and chicken recipes from home, along with heading back into the gym. This year is going to be about health, and I would say that Pokeatery is pretty damn healthy.

Did I mention that pineapple makes my throat itchy and my lips swell? No fucks given here kids! I figure there was a hospital near should anything happen. (I do not recommend this for anyone else as this can be a life or death matter for many.)

And can I mention that they have the potential to be keto friendly? There are so few keto friendly restaurants in Austin that I’ve decided to go out and find what keto peeps can eat while keeping their carbs low. My advice? It appears as though the San Mateo location has the kelp noodles, which are like 1g of carbs – if we can all message them in Austin asking for that, I’m hoping they will make that change. Until then you have spicy crab salad, ahi tuna, yellowtail, salmon… mixed greens, and a host of toppings (including avocado) to make this a keto friendly meal. Just know what your limit is before heading in.

But down to the food itself. The best way I would describe this new experience is — HOLY SHIT I THINK POKE JUST MADE LOVE IN MY MOUTH. Ceviche is one of my favorite foods in the world, and this is basically tropical ceviche branded as “sushi”. Names aside, I just cared that they had tako, one of my favorite meats of the ocean. It is always in these scenarios where I find myself moaning inappropriately, loud enough for our neighbors can hear. And for my first poke experience (the Dole Whip helped), I give it 9/10. The kelp noodles or shirataki noodles would have made it a weekly affair, but I’m going to stay away for now as I just want to stuff all of the rice into my face.

Restaurant: Pokeatery
Address: 1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd #1410 Austin, TX 78723
Hours: 11am – 9pm Daily
Site: Pokeatery
Diets: Keto Friendly (could be better) – make sure to get the salmon as it is fattier.
Ordered: Poke Bowl – This is enough to feed 2 people, FYI.
Score: 9/10

Also, beer – in case you can drink that type of thing without your gut wanting to explode and you camping out on your bathroom floor.


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    1. Thank you! This is the first diet I’ve ever had work for me so I’m super excited about it. The one thing I do run into though is the fact that it is a relatively new diet fad and no restaurants really offer keto offerings – thus my search and recommendations when they come along! 🙂

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