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Serendipity and Art in Omaha, Nebraska

This is part of the #WinosOnTheRoad trip series with Diana of D Travels ‘Round as we drive across country to start her new chapter in life.


“Do you ladies want to check out my art studio?”

Both Diana and I had sh*t eating grins on our faces.

Oh hell yeah. THIS is what experiences are made of.

Lucky for us we just so happened to be eating at the restaurant where Kim Reid Kuhn was setting up for her art show later on in the week.

Her friend and assistant, Sarah Rowe, grabbed the rest of the paintings and we happily made our way to the art studio. We weaved in between buildings, through alleyways, and opened a big, heavy metal door into an old, worn, brick warehouse downtown.

And then it dawned on me…

This is how horror movies start.

I shook it off and we headed inside. A traveler always has to take risks for the big reward right?


And reward it was. Not only was this old warehouse renovated into apartments and art studios, but good lord it had a lot of personality. Wooden stars, brick walls, old pipes, and beautiful vintage factory windows adorned the walls.

It also turns out that Diana’s friend in Las Vegas *owns* a piece of art work from Sarah Rowe (pictured above).

I could be inspired here.

We walked into her art studio.

Paint, mannequin body parts, old furniture, and bottles of Captain Morgan were strewn everywhere.





This is definitely an artist space.

Her walls were covered in her paintings. Beautiful, colorful pieces of modern ar were everywhere. We got a sneak peek at a 10ft painting she is currently working on and I felt extremely lucky to be able to see the process. I can’t wait to see the finished product.




And the best part?

It turns out that Kim is a badass. This short, energentic, punk rock artist was excitedly talking to us about the art community in Omaha. She was excited. She was proud. She oozed energy.

I REALLY like this stranger.

1 Point Erica
0 Points Crazy Axe Murderers

“So you guys want to go with us on a Dive Bar Tour later on tonight?”

Our eyes sparkled. Well hell, lets continue on the journey… (To be continued.)


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17 thoughts on “Serendipity and Art in Omaha, Nebraska”

    1. Thank you so much for taking us under your wing Kim. You were such a great spokesperson for Omaha and how amazing it truly is.


  1. Omaha is amazing. Maybe the most underrated city in America, after Pittsburgh. I could live there too. I wish I had a tour guide like that when I visited!

  2. Supercool!! The art works are a treat and you are so right when you say that a traveller has to take risks for big rewards!!

    1. Seriously! I had friends who had a bad experience with taking risks but I am still convinced that the chances are worth the outcome.

  3. I always love the idea of painting blank walls with art / graffiti. It makes it more alive, people should do it everywhere 🙂

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