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Our First Christmas Abroad: Colombia

Christmas in Colombia

Forget Santa Claus. This year we have baby Jesus zipping around the world delivering Christmas. You know, I kinda like it. At least it has something to do with the religious aspect of the season. Welcome to our first Christmas abroad.

Nino Dios
Nino Dios

Yes, while it is 2am on Christmas Eve, I can’t quite get to bed. I’m still a little giddy about celebrating with our Medellin family and the fireworks outside are going full force.

We are cooking our on the fly family a Christmas dinner complete with brown sugar ham, mashed potatoes, a cheese ball and EGG NOG! And in return they are making natilla, a traditional dessert eaten during Christmas. We’ve had it in Cuba Voldemort Country and we’re rather fond of it so we’re super stoked.

Usually the family gets together and prays until midnight when most children start getting excited for the presents from El Nino Jesus/El Nino Dios. Presents are opened (and sometimes hidden for the children to find) and then everyone goes out in the streets and dances or shoots fireworks until the sun comes up.

No joke. That is some serious celebrating. Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day.

Sancocho is served the next day for everyone with hangovers.

My type of party.

Merry Christmas guys!

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