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Our Home: Coco, Costa Rica

To be honest we really haven’t done much this past month in Coco, Costa Rica.

We’ve taken the opportunity to enjoy a bit of downtime in the comfort of our own home. Nights were spent popping popcorn in our microwave and watching crime shows on AXN. Dare I say, it was almost a vacation from our travels.

I did manage to get some really badass photos for you when we did go out… That is until some asshole stole our Flip and underwater casing with all the stills I was going to pull of these amazing sites around Coco.

So, instead you get a small slice of life in Coco as is brought to you by the delightfully addictive Instagram (our account name is overyonderlust).

This is the view our faces were rocked with our first night in Coco. The sunsets are incredible and knowing I was living near such a beautiful bay was a dream come true.

Sunset in Coco, Costa Rica

After working a long hard day of social media and blogging, Shaun and I would do one of two things:

1. Drink beer, watch the locals play beach volleyball, and become bemused at the gecko I call Norman in the lantern at Beach Bums.

Beach Bums, Coco, Costa Rica


2. Drink beer and hang out with Dan the owner of Coconutz. He is pretty damn awesome and made us feel welcome in Coco. Actually, it started to get a little embarrassing when we would walk through the door and the bartenders handed us our beers without asking.

Pilsen – Costa Rican beer

And, if we were feeling particularly EXCITING, Shaun and I would go fishing… that is until the jackass also stole our birthday tacklebox. I’m not bitter. I swear.

And while we were not constantly moving, I would turn to Shaun and say, “Damn I love traveling.”

Disclosure: The link to Dan’s bar, Coconutz, was from the goodness of my heart. He is definitely quite the character and should be visited if you find yourself in Coco. He did not pay me for those good words, however, he did give me a free birthday shot (and participated) along with venison sausage. For that I will call him an angel.

The other link however, is sponsored.

19 thoughts on “Our Home: Coco, Costa Rica”

  1. Ahh I miss central america!!! Sorry about your FLIP… that must suck. I would cry… I know I would. Still think you got nice pics. Love the last one of Shaun fishing.

  2. Oh this takes me back! I love all the staff at Coconutz and Coco has a certain charm to it, even if the beach is a bit dirty. It made my day last week getting an email from my tour guide from Coco. Glad you guys had such a good trip!

    1. @Spencer: It definitely has its own special place in my heart. The people make the location for sure (and I’m saying this after I had crap robbed!). I’m already comparing places to it as we move along. /sigh

  3. I have to say too that I really like all the staff at Coconutz and Coco has a certain charm into it, whether or not the beach is dirty. It made my day last week getting an email from my tour guide from Coco. Glad you’ve enjoyed staying there. Looks so relaxing and thanks for making me jealous.

  4. Always a good feeling when you can walk into the bar and the drink is ready! If you are known at a great bar in Costa Rica all the time…that is pretty good in my books! Costa Rica is still on the bucket list for me.

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