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Our Newest Endeavor: The Launch of

skateboarding travel


Little kids surrounded us with wide eyed curiosity as we made our way up a concrete ramp at the San Cristobal Sur public skatepark in Bogota, Colombia.

Greetings were abound and once they learned Shaun’s name it would be shrieked at him  across the park. For some of them, Shaun was the first gringo they had seen or met in their life. Little kids gathered around him to get a better look.

“Tiene ojos azules!” (He has blue eyes!)

“Si, el es muy guapo.” I replied. (Yes, he is very handsome.)

They continued to pelt me with questions about the US, our marriage, and what we thought about Colombia.

skateboarding travel
The Colombian Youth Inquisition.

Everything was followed up by a 9 year old boy exclaiming, “QUE CHEVRE!” (HOW COOL!)

This is what is going to be our new travel experiences. And you know what? I’m excited about it.

Introducing a new blog to the Over Yonderlust family:

skateboarding travel


Have you wanted to hear more from Shaun? Check him out as he takes on our travels while picking up his long lost love, skateboarding. We’re going to provide pics, reviews, videos, interviews and everything in between about different locations and people around the world and their relationship to skateboarding. Snowboarding and surfing will be included as well. Hope on over and join us for our new adventures.

Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, or join his RSS feed. Pass it on to your friends.

See you there!


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29 thoughts on “Our Newest Endeavor: The Launch of”

  1. Awesome idea! ..but Jesus Christ, don’t show me any more D3 stuff, I am trying to stifle an unbridled urge to build an SLI rig before it comes out! Hehe. I keep telling myself that two GTX 560s is two weeks in Vietnam, but it’s not helping very much when I’m seeing gameplay videos.

    1. @Evan: Thank you! Shaun and I are super excited about our new endeavor for sure! Shaun has been spending so much time playing D3 – it kills me. I’m making him wait to consider getting a new computer (when I’m next), especially since I just want him to sell the damn site to Curse.

      1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. When I’m “playing” Diablo 3, I’m actually doing intensive research for the site. You know, working. And there is a lot of stress involved with being part of a very small group of individuals that get to experience the pre-release content. So next time you see me saving the world from the minions of Diablo, maybe you should stop and ask if my shoulders are tight.

  2. Congrats guys!! Looks like a great project. Very unique angle. Could probably arrange some sponsorships down the line as well. As a former, now occasional skater myself, I’m excited about this!!

    1. @Erin – Unique indeed. When we first started entertaining the thoughts, we had no idea the locals were going to be so excited. That excitement was just too contagious to ignore. 🙂

    1. @Laurence – Lol, that is everyone’s story- including Erica and myself! I still occasionally play all the games, because you know, I get them for free. 😛

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