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Photo Friday: Classic Cars in Bogota


I have a guilty pleasure for old cars.

I used to be the owner of a bright yellow 1974 Superbeetle and Shaun being a mechanic, would help me fix it up into it’s peak glory. I miss it. I miss the smell of gasoline when I open the doors, the shaking steering wheel… everything but the rust stains that would randomly appear on all my clothes.

I understand it isn’t for everyone but I’m sure you can understand why I was so excited to see a line of classics coming down the road.

Good stuff.









9 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Classic Cars in Bogota”

  1. It feels great to see classic cars on road. Though I can find one rarely but it is always worth the wait. Every time I see one I feel my eye balls locked with it. Classic cars catches the attention of the public. The cars you photographed are great. Was it a rally or they are just random pics??

    1. @Steve S: Shaun used to be a mechanic so if there is an opportunity, he makes sure that he is there to see it. This was for a rally/car show to support peace in Colombia.

    1. @Leslie: I’ve always been a nut for cars and it especially got bad when Shaun was a mechanic. We seriously thought about opening a hot rod shop (if we happened across a bajillion dollars).

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