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Photo Friday: Graffiti Art in Buenos Aires

Graffiti – one of the universal art forms you find around the world. Like music floating in the wind, art in Buenos Aires can be found on every street corner – whether it be singers, songwriters, poets, or painters.

Some communities embrace street art. Some outlaw it.

While graffiti in Buenos Aires it is considered illegal, I would consider BA to be one of the premier spots for street art in the world. Very few cities can make money off of street art tours and walking guides.  Either love it or hate it, it is in your face – everywhere you go.

Artists can be seen grabbing 5 minutes without distractions on various walls in different neighborhoods – each with a distinct art feel.

One thing I DO know is that these graffiti artists are some of the best I have seen during my travels.

art in buenos aires

art in buenos aires

art in buenos aires





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  1. The street art scene here is awesome. Took a great bike tour around the city and saw how extensive the scene is. Glad the city is spending their money on other things instead of chasing artists around.

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