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Photo Friday: HDR – La Recoleta

One of the reasons that we spent so much time in La Recoleta was the fact there were so many small details everywhere that made the place.

Whether it be a cracked and decaying coffin, rusty skulls, or headless angels, I just wanted to see it all. I couldn’t help but squeeze myself through bars and cobwebbed windows to get glances of decaying coffins. Morbid? A bit. BUT AWESOME! I’m definitely a photographer.

One of the things that drew me to this image was noticing the decay and life represented in a small area. The water damage and fixed structure cracks can tell an interesting history for sure but the one thing that got me was – that in a city of death, ferns and trees somehow made themselves a thriving home on one of the tombs. 😛

La Recoleta

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    1. Wow! Several times? Although, now that I think about it – I wonder how many times I would go before I felt like I saw everything.

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