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Photo Friday: HDR – Montezuma, Costa Rica

This has to be my favorite HDR so far. I am starting to really get the hang of it (or so I think). We arrived to the top of this hill winded and exhilarated at the same time. We had managed to hike regardless of the weather and the gamble had worked out. The clouds cleared up for just a moment to grab this amazing snap shot of Montezuma.

Unfortunately this is all you’re going to really see of Montezuma, Costa Rica in regards to a post. Not only did it rain on us for 3 days straight but the waterfall turned into brown rapids with the trail washed out. Our entire trip there was a bust.

Well, maybe not a bust. I got this beauty.

Montezuma, Costa Rica - HDR


31 thoughts on “Photo Friday: HDR – Montezuma, Costa Rica”

  1. bummer the rain messed up your trip
    love the photo though, its “just right” I find a lot of people’s HDR photos are just so over processed its making me hate it. but this one it great 🙂

    1. @Stephanie: It is why I curse and love rainy season at the same time. My camera is water “resistant” but I do walk around with my dry sack handy.

  2. So sorry about the weather! But that is a pretty pic… I love weather pictures, much more interesting than pretty day ones in the tropics I think… but ugh – then it’s time for the clouds to go away! 🙂

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