Playas del Coco
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Photo Friday: HDR – Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

This one is for you Abby from The Jungle Princess! This is our home for the next few weeks – Coco, Costa Rica, or Playas del Coco (according the the buses!). For those of you who were asking for a picture of the pirate ship hanging out in the bay, you can kinda see it in this picture but I’m still working on getting a better picture of it.

My favorite thing to do is to just grab a few beers at Beach Bums on the beach while watching the sunset.

Life is goooooood.

Playas del Coco

21 thoughts on “Photo Friday: HDR – Playas del Coco, Costa Rica”

  1. I spent many a night getting eaten up by sand flies on that bay, sitting beside stray dogs to catch the sunset. Despite it’s dirty beach, there’s a certain charm to Coco. If you get to Coconutz, which you probably will since there are only a handful of bars in town, say hello to Dan, Dave, and Oz for me.

    1. @Spencer: Oh man, I think all the rain keeps the sandflies at bay. This has been the most sandfly-less place we’ve experienced so far! 😛 I’ll make sure to let Dan know you say hello – I’ve met him already and pass the word along!

    1. @Audrey: You are more than welcome to visit us while we’re here for another two weeks. 😛 Working on the pirate ship – we’ve been exchanging emails!

  2. I love all your HDR pics!

    I’ve been struggling to decide if it’s worth the investment or not. I have a fairly new waterproof digital camera but I want to take my pics to the next level.

    Do you recommend buying an HDR?


    1. @LAbackpackerChick: I don’t think I’ve ever seen an HDR camera as you can do it with your normal DSLRs (generally). I have a Nikon D300S and I take a series of pictures with different exposures and a software program puts them together to get the HDR effect.

      What camera do you have?

      1. Ooops my bad. I think I was half asleep writing this last night!

        I meant DSLR.

        I have a normal digital camera Sony TX5 but not sure if i should make an investment in a DSLR.

        I see your pics and i’m like…wow i want pics like that!

        1. @LA: I would consider getting a DSLR before a big trip or when you have a lot of time. You will suck at it at first. There is no way of getting around that. With that in mind, it should help you plan on when you will be able to get one? 😉

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