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Photo Friday: HDR – Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

While I understand some people loathe HDR, sometimes I just can’t help myself. Seriously man… it just captures all the details you wouldn’t get in a normal photo. So here it is. While Puerto Madero may not represent what “Buenos Aires” is, or really looks like, it is still a really beautiful and neat side of the city to explore.

You will be surprised at how different the neighborhoods are in Buenos Aires. From the funky San Telmo to the super trendy and smooth Puerto Madero, you are guaranteed to find somewhere that will suit your fancy. Even though I’m not much for boutique bars and restaurants, I found myself here every other day to sit, think, and reflect on the architecture.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero




24 thoughts on “Photo Friday: HDR – Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires”

  1. I like most can hate HDR because it’s just so easy to take it to far and if you see it over and over again it gets a little old at times. These though look great, esp the 3rd and last photo! Nice work and good job on editing them!

    1. I am NOT a fan of when people overdo the HDR thing – although I’ve been guilty of pushing the line. I just can’t believe more people don’t use HDR for HDR purposes – to see what the eye sees more accurately.

  2. These are great! I actually love HDR and the sometimes “painted” effect. These are stunning and aren’t overdone like many critics of HDR point out. Looks like a cool area to check out…I love the tall ships.

    1. I’m a sucker for ships. It is a damn shame Shaun won’t come within 10 feet of them. I think he gets seasick looking their way.

  3. Lovin’ the old w/ the new. Spent a lot of time studying the skyline shot of old architecture in the foreground and new shiny high rises behind.

    1. Isn’t it fascinating?! It was like this all over Buenos Aires – and one of the only redeeming factors for me. We’re architecture geeks!

  4. I used to love HDR but then it seemed to lose its appeal because everyone was doing it. I like these pictures though, especially the fourth one. Have you ever done any tilt shift photos? I like them now

    1. I haven’t really messed with tilt shift – I’ve tried it a few times on instagram and that is about it. I would love to mess with a tilt shift lens though!

  5. OMG these photos are absolutely fantastic. The HDR is not over the top like it can often be and simply gives the right glow to make the photos somewhat unworldly. Good job.

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