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Last Moments in Mexico

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It is a little ironic that the last moments in Mexico we held on to so dearly were in the city that we had so much drama with the last time around – Playa del Carmen.

But this time we did it differently.

We shopped locally. We ate at family owned restaurants. We stayed at an apartment rental far away from “the strip”. We managed to only visit Walmart once (we had to find a carabiner!). We only went to the beaches that locals went to – and made our way around town via bike. This time, it was one of my most favorite experiences we have had in Mexico.

As we sat on my sarong on the beach, dozing in and out of sleep, listening to the waves lapping on the shore, I came to a realization.

“I could totally be here for the rest of my life and be happy.”

Just like that I had a serious attitude adjustment about this town that I had despised so much.

Playa del Carmen Mexico-3
This was a new installment!
Playa del Carmen Mexico-5
We were so lucky to have stumbled upon this quinceanera party making their way to the beach!
Playa del Carmen Mexico-7
Because even hipsters like tacos. (And it is too damn cute.)
Playa del Carmen Mexico-8
Nothing says “beach town” like a skewered dolphin.
Playa del Carmen Mexico-10
These sand sculptors have MAD SKILLZ.

Playa del Carmen Mexico-13

Playa del Carmen Mexico-12

Playa del Carmen Mexico-21
I get sucked into these performances EVERY TIME.
Playa del Carmen Mexico-24
These smiles don’t lie.
Playa del Carmen Mexico-22
Some of the amazing produce we picked up.
Playa del Carmen Mexico-27
Yes, we really did build this sand castle just for the picture. We’re determined.
Playa del Carmen Mexico-29
Our walk home… on a very empty street.

17 thoughts on “Last Moments in Mexico”

  1. That’s the way: take hold of that town and make it YOURS! That’s great that you gave Playa del Carmen a 2nd chance, this teaches me I should be more forgiving of places I don’t enjoy the 1st time around. There is hope!

  2. I love playa del carmaen, it really is a beautiful place! the sea is so blue, sand so white, and I loved the atmosphere in town with restaurants lining the streets and people eating out. Need to get back there soon!

  3. We were in Mexico for the first time in March. We spent a month between Cancun, PDC and Tulum. Loved it all! I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did to be honest. PDC was my favorite though. We stayed off the strip too and I think that helped. I hope to go back again and spend more time there, just chillin, which is the best way to enjoy it 🙂

  4. Maybe Playa del Carmen isn’t my fave corner of the country (ok it’s definitely not) but Mexico is on the podium for my favourite countries on the planet. Love it. I’ll keep my eyes on your site.

  5. I’m going to Mexico later this month and I am so BONKERS EXCITED. Somehow, I think it holds a different kind of allure for Europeans because we don’t really meet any Mexicans day to day. Excited to read through/study your Mexico posts 🙂

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