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Video: Puppeteer Performance in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Street performers in Buenos Aires are almost synonymous with Argentine culture. From flamboyant tango dancers at the Sunday Market, to artists, musicians and puppeteers of all kinds, walking around the city becomes an act of art watching.

Our favorite performances have to include the following street artist/puppeteer that was performing in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. The passion, the precision, and the music haunted me as we wanted the colorful streets of Buenos Aires. I wish I could have grabbed more performances but I found myself entranced (be careful of pickpockets!) most of the time. There was even one with puppets of skeletons performing a song by ACDC while strumming on guitars, singing, and playing the drums in tune to the song. There is so much talent there!

If you like seeing things like this, give us some feedback so we can keep providing small details of life like these (and the previous tango video).

So umm… today’s post was SUPPOSED to be pictures of the cliche (yet colorful!) El Caminito area in La Boca but it seems as though in my jetlagged state I reformatted my card with the pictures still on it.

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  1. So cute. Is the puppet supposed to resemble a Londoner by any chance? The postbox and drinking habit seem to suggest it. 🙂

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