Rio Dulce Sunset
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Photo Friday: Instagram Dreams of Rio Dulce, Guatemala

I can’t believe we spent almost 3 weeks in Rio Dulce. Besides dogsitting and boatsitting, I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly we did. I had just suffered an incredible blow to my self esteem in the internet world and had been slowly nursing my mental health back up after being at one of the lowest points I can ever remember experiencing.

Sure I got the opportunity to slip away to Finca Paraiso, but in between beers, good food, book reading and early evenings, I probably had some of the most relaxing weeks of my life. I had a moment to escape. I could think. I could NOT think. So here are a few slices of life that we got to experience during our time on the Rio. This is definitely a place where expats, old salts, and travelers get stuck… and I’m not entirely sure why. šŸ˜›

With a heat index of 100 today, it REALLY needs to rain to cool us off.


This is K, our buddy for the next week while we dogsit/boatsit.


Happy dog. Happy Shaun.


Can we say low season? This place is a ghost town after Semana Santa.


Great place to catch the afternoon breeze and cheap beer!!!


Margarita to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!


Nice little view, eh? What $25 can get you in #Guatemala AND A/C!


The wind arrived! Time to celebrate the nice breeze w a beer!


Ever wonder what it is like to work on the road? Something like this.


The bridge connecting the two sides of RioDulce, Guatemala is one of the longest bridges in Central America spanning 860 meters.

Quite the smoky evening as farmers burn their crops.

The amazing #sunsets continue around the world. Great one in #Guatemala!


Celebrating our last night in Rio Dulce. There will be no pics updated for the next couple of days but keep an eye out for updates when we get Internet again. Sailing tomorrow! Wish us luck!

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