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Road Trip to Burning Man: In Numbers

We had to have a last noodle night with our friend Kevin in LA. (Pic provided by Kevin)

After we made our way down the Pacific Coast Highway via road trip, Shaun and I visited another friend for our last goodbye to Japanese noodles and basically booked it home. We did manage to write a few stats down about our road trip that we found to be particularly amusing.

  • Total miles driven: 4857
  • Total number of states visited: 5
  • Number of cities slept in: 9
  • Number of friends visited: 5
  • Number of gas stations we filled up at: 19
  • Number of cups of coffee Erica drank (Shaun doesn’t like coffee): ~30
  • Most common car seen: Convertible Ford Mustang
  • Best hotel/motel: Treasure Island
  • Worst hotel/motel: Craig Motel
  • Alcohol bought on the trip: 30 cans of beer, 28 bottles of beer, 12 bottles of cider, 1L of tequila
  • Hours spent driving: 93
  • Number of dust storms caught in: 3
  • Number of rainstorms caught in: 2
  • Number of nights in a tent: 7
  • Number of belongings run over by runaway vans: 2
  • Number of new friends made: 23
  • Number of MREs consumed: 12 between Shaun and I
  • Highest elevation: ~8500 ft
  • Number of pictures taken: 1597
  • Number of work zones driven through: TOO F*ING MANY
  • Number of highways driven on: ~21
  • Number of near miss accidents: 2
  • Number of historic sites visited: 2
  • Number of rest stops visited: 1
  • Highest gas price: $3.59/gal
  • Lowest gas price: $2.89/gal (the car requires premium)
  • Names of places of interest: Surprise, AZ, Pie Ranch, Rainbow Road, Santa Claus Lane, 411th Ave (seriously, why do you need to go that high?)

15 thoughts on “Road Trip to Burning Man: In Numbers”

    1. @Evan: Caffeine has no effect on the guy so he doesn’t really enjoy it much. Poor car, Shaun was a bit saddened by the amount of miles we put on his baby (not to mention the stress the cooler put on his leather seats in the rear seat).

  1. @Erica: Drool. My first car was a 93 baby blue Subaru Impreza. I blew up the clutch playing in the snow and I still kick myself for killing it!

    1. @Ayngelina: He drinks things with caffeine, but they say that due to his ADD it doesn’t work. He can have 4 shots of espresso and go to sleep.

  2. Oooo lots of miles driven, not jealous of that! And caffeine doesn’t have an effect on me but coffee still tastes goooood! Your whole trip sounds amazing!

  3. Erica, you forgot to quote the number of brain cells lost! Certainly looks like you both had an unbelievable experience. One of those trips that will take you down memory lane for many years to come.

  4. $3.60 for gas – that’s the pain of Premium I guess. This post makes me yearn to go on a road trip throughout the US. I’ve always wanted to do Route 66, but I think I’ll have to settle for perhaps a Iowa – Texas trip next month.

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