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Rockin’ It with 9Flats in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires accommodation-2
Our view.

Part of what made our Buenos Aires experience bearable was the fact that we had a badass-ly placed apartment in the center of Buenos Aires brought to us by the amazing guys over at 9flats. Our Buenos Aires accommodation rocked our faces off.

Buenos Aires Accommodation

Seriously, we had access to EVERYTHING. Not only did all the buses stop nearby but we had several Subte (subway) stops 2-5 blocks away that could take us all over the city.

Buenos Aires Accommodation
The table was in the room but we made it work. 🙂

Our apartment was located a block north of the LaValle/La Florida shopping district. If we ever needed food in the middle of the night, there was no lack of it for sure. And if we felt like getting away from it all by heading over to the beautiful Puerto Madero, we were a 10 minute walk away.

Buenos Aires Accommodation
Puerto Madero

One of my first impressions of Buenos Aires was how very European it was. The apartments are no different (and not in a bad way). They are just very… snug. And from the people I invited over to check it out, we apparently hit the jackpot in size for the budget traveler.

Buenos Aires Accommodation

The big thing we were looking for in finding an apartment was the fact that it was not only close to attractions and things to do, but we needed to have 2 separate rooms (or sleeping areas) for our friend that was visiting us from the United States. This gem even came with his own room.


The only thing that I was surprised to see was the office-style glass walls that separated the house. To be honest, they were actually more sound-proof than some drywall I’ve experienced in hostels over the years. However, you can’t drown out the guy in the next building blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers during the day. I found myself humming tunes while cooking. Not cool.

Buenos Aires Accommodation

It came with everything we needed: wifi, a sweet landlord, a kitchen, a hot shower, and AIR CONDITIONING. Do you know how long it had been since we had a/c? A long freaking time. And it worked like a charm.

Buenos Aires Accommodation
The source of many amazing hot showers.

If you have an extra room and would like to make some extra cash, you can register it and be a host. If we weren’t so nomadic and had a place, I would totally consider this (in between people Couchsurfing and the like!) as an awesome way to not only meet new people, but bring in a bit of money to add to YOUR travel fun.

Buenos Aires Accommodation
And you get to use an elevator with those crazy metal door thingies!

And if you’re curious about how 9flats works:

Thank you to 9flats for helping us end our big trip with a bang. You definitely made our experience there one of our favorites!

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  1. Didn’t know about 9Flats. Always good to have options to look for accommodation, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. @Zara: Yeah, I’ve learned so much about vacation rental places while we’ve been out. It is nice to check more than one website for what you are looking for. 🙂

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