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Episode 14: Salsa Dancing Classes in Cali, Colombia

…..and we’re back! With our Go Pro in hand we have decided to finally conquer the world of video again. We aren’t going to let a petty thief take away our love for making videos. Watch us as we make fools of ourselves while dancing in front of the camera! Take note of the serious flailing that goes on as Shaun and Erica attempt to take salsa dancing classes in Cali, Colombia.

In the salsa dancing capital of the world, we couldn’t help but take a couple of weeks to get our groove on. When you go visit different cultures around the world, do you partake in things like this?

22 thoughts on “Episode 14: Salsa Dancing Classes in Cali, Colombia”

  1. You two are ADORABLE! First of all, salsa is hard. I don’t care whether you have rhythm or not, it’s still a hard partner dance to master. I’ve studied lots of different types of dance and salsa can be tricky. I also found it odd that you didn’t start partnering sooner. As usual this video was well done, and you two are fun to watch. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

    1. @Terri: Aww… shucks! I can do Mexican style salsa dancing which is easy to me but the footwork here… OMG. Yeah, I was weirded out with the lack of partnering, especially when I really wanted to work with Shaun on the dancing. I mean, since he will be my main partner, no sense in beating around the bush.

  2. when you get back you have to dance with your father! I mean you Erica, it would be weird dancing with Shaun.

    1. @Dad: I’ll dance with you all the time. I was explaining to one person how I learned salsa in the first place – dancing on your feet!

  3. Haha, you guys are awesome. I dream of magically knowing Salsa dancing but I realize it is more of a time commitment than I care to make! This was a fun, vicarious way to experience it. 🙂

    1. @Joe: Hey there stranger! Glad you can drop by. I always love when friends do – makes us feel special. <3 I think you would be great at salsa - but yeah. The classes are definitely intense and require a LOT.

  4. That was hilarious! Don’t feel too bad, though: Salsa is HARD. Maybe you guys should start with something a little less complaex. Does Colombia have a local version if the hokey-pokey? Or perhaps the Chicken Dance? LOL

  5. Love this! I’ve always wanted to take salsa lessons, but I would never be brave enough to film it haha. You guys are awesome!

  6. nice video, glad to see you two are still living the dream. bonus points to shaun for skipping out to go skate, haha.

    1. @Damien: Always. I’m not sure we’ll be back in a cubicle for a bit (at least until we get back to Austin to save more money and leave again).

  7. I don’t why you didn’t do partner work earlier either. The lessons looked hectic to me. You both did well! Cali style doesn’t have to be all jumping around. The rhythms should have been built up. The end ‘performance’ didn’t seem to correspond to anything you did in class!

    1. @Simon: Yeah… I wish we would have done more. I already knew how to salsa somewhat. We really went for Shaun. Although, he did make VAST improvements.

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